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Katt Williams Rehab Rescue? Famous Comedian Arrested for the 4th Time in a Week: Is He Abusing Drugs?

  • Katt Williams Rehab Rescue? Famous Comedian Arrested for the 4th Time in a Week: Is He Abusing Drugs?

    Katt Williams Rehab Rescue? Famous Comedian Arrested for the 4th Time in a Week: Is He Abusing Drugs?

    Comedians are known to do a great many things to get attention and a good laugh, but sometimes things go a bit too far. There have been a few spectacular meltdowns in the world of comedy, including racist rants, violent outbursts, and alleged criminal activity. Usually, however, these incidents don’t all include the same person.

    Katt Williams has the dishonor of having experienced all three of these. The controversial comedian behind “Pimp Chronicles”, “It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’” and former cast member of “Wild N’ Out” is no stranger to legal troubles: he’s been arrested at an airport, at a Walmart, in a Target, at a strip club, and after a police chase involving a three-wheeled motorcycle.

    Katt Williams Rehab Rescue? Famous Comedian Arrested for the 4th Time in a Week: Is He Abusing Drugs? image

    “Katt Williams 2011” by CCSO. Licensed under Public Domain.

    By the end of 2012 the comedian, amateur rapper, and producer had 19 arrests in only six years and has since racked up even more- including four in the last week. Needless to say, people are beginning to suspect there may be something behind his latest round of antics.

    As reported by TMZ, Katt was arrested for an altercation involving five women being held at gunpoint, then he assaulted the clerk of a pool supply store, only to then be brought in following another altercation in LA involving a group of “rappers”. Rounding it out at four is his arrest following a police raid of his home, during which they found guns and “large quantities of marijuana.” He was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment, as well as charges of drug and weapon possession.

    Police raided Williams’ home as part of an investigation stemming from allegations from his former bodyguard, who stated Katt tried to force him to into “illegal activities.” Add to that his strange rant about Kevin Hart and the $5 million challenge he placed to the comedian, as well as the fact that he was also filmed getting into a massive fight at a rap concert only days ago and it’s easy to see how fans would be both confused and concerned.

    The rapper involved in the concert fight, Boone, has come forward with claims that Katt was high on heroin at the time of their altercation and upset because he could not get Percocets. Beanie Sigel, the rapper performing at the concert, has since come forward to defend his friend,  going on an Instagram rant regarding rumors of Katt’s drug abuse. Katt Williams’ girlfriend, rapper Hazel E has also come forward to defend her man.

    Even though people in his corner have spoken in his defense, Katt himself also made a statement. In a video he posted himself, Katt is quoted as saying:

    “The reason I don’t do cocaine is because I had a tumor in my upper jaw and they had to take it out. They had to block the whole right [side] of my sinus with a piece of metal.”

    He goes on to say he gets tested every three months for narcotic use and has done so for the last 15 years. Williams does openly admit to using marijuana every day, but insists no other drugs are in his system. The rest of the video falls apart into a confusing rant about racism, religion, and Tigger of Winnie the Pooh, in only one example of the several bizarre rants he’s spouted in the last few weeks.

    While I hope he is telling the truth, and he is still on the sober path, I can’t help but be suspicious myself. Katt has always been different, but his behavior has been outrageous even for him. His appearance is on the decline too- he’s gaunt and pale in comparison to the Katt we are used to seeing. There is definitely something going on with Katt Williams and I hope, whatever it is, he is able to seek help and recovery so he can be at the top of his game once again.

    Do you think Katt Williams’ latest string of legal trouble stems from drug abuse? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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    • He’s definitely on heroin and Percocet,most people that can’t get heroin use Percocet. His physical appearance it’s diminishing.. He’s fucked up for real, it’s not a joke, he needs rehab


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