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Trauma & PTSD Substance Abuse Counseling in Miami, FL

Addiction and trauma go hand in hand. Harbor Village has tools to treat the trauma and PTSD that may be contributing to your addiction.

Addressing Trauma and Substance Abuse

The relationship between trauma and substance abuse is profound. Alcohol and drugs can initially blunt the negative feelings and unpleasant sensations that come from  trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Those with trauma-related depression may find themselves medicating with stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamine, while others might try to soothe their anxiety with alcohol or benzodiazepines.

People with unresolved trauma and PTSD aren’t “crazy.” In fact, by turning to substances, they’re simply attempting to cope. But using substances can lead to a number of problems, including addiction — which, over time, makes the original symptoms (such as anxiety or depression) even worse. The risk-prone behavior that comes with addiction can also lead to new traumas.

Signs and Symptoms of Trauma and PTSD

Whether the incidents come from childhood or are more recent, unresolved trauma can register both in the body and in behavior. Some signs of include:

Dealing with PTSD and substance abuse

Treating PTSD, Trauma and Substance Abuse

We believe that while treatment for trauma and PTSD are vital, it’s necessary to make sure you’re stable first. Most of the time, our clients begin with detox, so they can eliminate the substances from their systems. Our medical team is there to help you manage withdrawal symptoms safely as comfortably as possible.. 

As part of your individual treatment plan at Harbor Village, you can take advantage of trauma therapy, as well as other therapeutic options like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and rational emotive behavior therapy. Together, these therapies can help you achieve healing and balance — so your trauma no longer controls your emotions and behavior. 

How Does Trauma Therapy Help?

In a traumatic event or situation, your body responds by releasing stress hormones, which prevent your brain from processing the event. When we are triggered by something that reminds us of the trauma, the body reacts with a “fight or flight” response. While we are asleep and dreaming, meanwhile, our eyes dart back and forth quickly, which triggers the part of the brain that reprocesses the day’s memories. Trauma therapy uses EMDR (or eye movement desensitization reprocessing), which simulates those dreaming eye movements, stimulating the brain in order to reprocess the trauma. In combination with talk therapy, trauma therapy can help you heal and move forward.

Healing from Trauma and Substance Abuse at Harbor Village

Trauma therapy can be very intense and emotional, but it can provide a powerful sense of relief — both psychologically and physically.

To learn more about how Harbor Village treats PTSD, trauma and substance abuse, please reach out today. We’re here for you.

You can heal from trauma and PTSD.

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