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Faith-Based Rehab and Addiction Programs in Miami, FL

Faith-based rehabilitation is widely popular in recovery. Unlike many faith-based treatment programs, our individualized recovery treatment is evidence-based, pairing psychotherapies and divinity. Many on the path to recovery find peace in connecting with their religious and spiritual practices. Harbor Village offers a safe space to connect with your higher power in the fight against addiction.

Recovery requires the strength to dig deep within yourself and address latent traumas, harmful thought patterns, and destructive behaviors. Faith-based rehabilitation helps you recover with a sense of peace and serenity in connection with the divine.

By enrolling in drug rehab or alcohol rehabilitation you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to overcome addiction and establish a strong foundation in recovery.

What is Faith-Based Addiction Treatment?

Faith-based addiction treatment includes evidence-based addiction treatment modalities with spiritual and religious teachings. During treatment clients may expect to receive guidance from religious texts, participate in religious ceremonies and adopt the 12-step treatment program. Our clinicians understand the importance of spirituality for our faith-based clients and work tirelessly to help them feel safe and connected with their higher power.

Clients are welcome to attend weekly off-site church services. During treatment faith-based group therapy sessions are incorporated regularly into recovery; we also provide daily 12 step guidance. Our faith-based rehabilitation program is designed to honor your personal divinity and guide you on the path to sobriety.

Enroll in Harbor Village’s Faith-Based Rehabilitation

If you’re ready to embark on the spiritual journey that will change your life forever, we’re here to help you. Our faith-based rehabilitation track helps clients reclaim their authentic selves with individualized psychotherapy and faith practices. If you derive strength from your religious faith, coupling it with recovery is a powerful motivator in achieving sobriety.

We understand religion is sacred and practiced differently by everyone. Our programs will never attempt to sway your religious views, we simply foster an environment of healing and invite you to maintain your spiritual practices throughout treatment.

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