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Miami, FL Drug Rehabilitation Programs

You should never feel that you have to deal with your substance abuse on your own. No matter how bad you believe your addiction is, no matter how low you feel, our team at Harbor Village offers the encouragement, treatment and support you need to get through tough times and emerge on the other side with a healthier, happier life.

Our residential and inpatient drug rehabilitation programs are designed to keep you comfortable and safe as you battle your addiction. At our private, rehab facility in Miami, Florida, you receive the ultimate in care and treatment, with around-the-clock support from our classically trained medical staff.

We’re with you every step of the way through your drug rehab: creating your personalized recovery plan, supporting you through drug detox, and helping you discover the roots of your drug addiction as you navigate your journey to recovery.

Signs You May Need Drug Addiction Treatment

If you are concerned that you may have a problem, here are some potential signs of drug addiction:

Exclusive Facility and Amenities

Rehabilitation doesn’t have to be miserable. We provide a safe, engaging environment for treatment, accompanied by the following amenities:

Family Support Welcome

Our residential and inpatient drug rehab programs include intensive one-on-one therapy and group dynamic therapy sessions to uncover the underlying reasons for your substance abuse – a key element in a successful, sustainable recovery. We also understand how important it is to establish a firm support group before you leave our facility. Our program encourages visits from friends and family, who we believe can positively influence your addiction recovery. Your treatment is a road to the future, and helping families reconnect and become stronger together is an important factor in your successful recovery.

The Right Program for Your Addiction

In addition to our residential and inpatient programs, we offer outpatient and partial hospitalization programs that may be right for you. All of our drug rehab programs are designed to help you overcome physical and psychological dependencies from addictive substances, including:

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We’re Committed to Your Recovery

When you successfully complete 60 consecutive days at Harbor Village Florida, you give yourself the best chance at lasting sobriety. We are dedicated to helping make your recovery goals a reality. In the event that you experience a relapse, you can return for an additional 60 consecutive days of treatment at no cost to you to help you get back on track.

*Terms and conditions may apply, and result may vary.

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