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About Harbor Village Florida

What We Believe

At Harbor Village, everything that we do is driven by the belief that addiction is an illness — one as legitimate and quantifiable as diabetes. We’re committed to enriching the quality of life for our recovering clients by rejuvenating their true passion and potential in our healing environment.

We know from experience recovery is a deeply personal and transformative process. Our compassionate addiction recovery specialists and medical staff are prepared to aid you in creating a better life through an individualized recovery plan created just for you. 

Detox alone isn’t enough to treat drug and alcohol addiction. At Harbor Village, we recognize the importance of evidence-based treatment, innovative therapies, and continued care in ensuring your long-term success. We’re deeply dedicated to helping you identify and address the causes of addiction, so you can flourish in sobriety.

Our Promise To You

At Harbor Village, we promise to give you the respect and nurturing care you deserve because we believe you’re capable of achieving your full potential.

We also recognize that addiction recovery is both physically and mentally demanding. We strive to make the transition into sobriety as comfortable as possible through medically-assisted detox with 24-hour clinical supervision and support.

Our Values

Harbor Village is committed to providing the highest level of detoxification and rehabilitation treatment. That’s why we adhere to the these principles to ensure the best possible experience for everyone we treat:

Harbor Village: Where Your Recovery is Our Priority

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