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Miami, FL Recreational Therapy for Addiction

When you begin rehab for substance abuse, it can seem like you are facing a long stretch of hard work and tough times. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At the Harbor Village addiction recovery center in Miami, we add balance to your treatment plan with recreation therapy, which can be fun and inspiring and provide you with the motivation you need to stay on track during your recovery journey.

Recreation therapy gives you an opportunity to enjoy yourself as you participate in outings and activities that bring you pleasure and fulfillment. At the same time, our recreational therapy sessions teach you how to socialize, engage with others and enjoy fun activities without using drugs or alcohol.

Because we’re located in beautiful Miami, Florida, we encourage you to enjoy outdoor activities and spend as much time in the sun as you can stand. It’s important to free your mind and rejuvenate the physical, mental, and emotional planes during recovery. Our recreation therapy includes a focus on the arts, with music, crafting projects, and drama activities. It also includes social activities, team-building exercises, walks, fitness workouts, and many other group outings.

Therapy plans crafted for your individual needs

Drawing sunflowers for recreational therapy in rehab

Though recreation therapy may seem like play, the activities are carefully planned by your therapist and tailored to fit your individual needs, symptoms and history of drug or alcohol abuse. A schedule of activities is crafted to help reduce your depression, anxiety and stress and teach you how to replace those feelings with greater self-esteem and confidence.

Recreation therapy was originally introduced in the 1850s by Florence Nightingale, who saw recreation as a way to improve the overall human condition. Used properly, this therapy can improve your cognitive, physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. It also helps you avoid the isolation that often comes with substance abuse by putting you in situations where you relearn social skills and discover how to enjoy yourself again.

During recreation therapy at Harbor Village, you also learn to replace your routine of rehab and recovery treatments with fun activities that you enjoy. At its most basic, this therapy takes you from a dormant life into one of engagement, participation, and pleasure.

More benefits of recreational therapy

Studies show recreational therapy improves your overall health as the physical activity and mental engagement required by each session leave you feeling healthier and happier. Other benefits include:

Even after you complete drug rehab or alcohol rehab, these activities and lessons learned can provide a healthy outlet when temptation or challenges arise. Participation in such activities can help you avoid relapse and stay sober when you return to your regular daily routine.

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