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Miami, FL Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Many people ask: Why do I need to check into a rehab center to stop drinking? They think they can do it on their own. But if you have developed an alcohol addiction, you should never try to go through withdrawal alone. That’s why Harbor Village is here to help.

Alcohol is one of the worst drugs to withdraw from due to the painful, even life-threatening symptoms that occur when you stop drinking. Treatment for alcohol abuse should include a clinically supervised alcohol detox regimen especially designed for your individual needs.

Withdrawal symptoms can onset as early as two hours after your last drink and last for weeks. The severity of symptoms can range from mild to extremely severe and can sometimes even be fatal.

Because of the unpredictable severity of your withdrawal symptoms, it is important to seek proper medical assistance as a qualified detox facility such as Harbor Village. At our secure, comfortable setting in Miami, Florida, our dedicated staff will help ease the discomfort of your withdrawal symptoms such as:

Treating your alcohol addiction

Alcoholism is a disorder of the mind categorized by the inability to control alcohol consumption, preoccupation with drinking, and continuing to use alcohol despite negative consequences. If you suffer from alcoholism you may also develop a tolerance for drinking over time, causing you to need higher amounts and use more frequently to achieve the same effects.

The disease is powerful enough to cause negative effects in multiple areas of your life, including family, friends, school and work. The effects of long-term use include serious health issues (damage to the brain, heart, liver, pancreas and immune system), impaired judgement, anemia, memory lapses and even blackouts.

At Harbor Village, our team of clinicians and therapists use medication, psychotherapy, behavior modification, nutritional therapy, support groups and family therapy as elements of your addiction recovery plan. There are also some drugs that have been used to treat alcoholism effectively, such as Naltrexone, Acamprosate and Topiramate.

Know the signs of alcoholism

If you think you or a loved one may be suffering from alcoholism, look for the following symptoms:

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We’re Committed to Your Recovery

When you successfully complete 60 consecutive days at Harbor Village Florida, you give yourself the best chance at lasting sobriety. We are dedicated to helping make your recovery goals a reality. In the event that you experience a relapse, you can return for an additional 60 consecutive days of treatment at no cost to you to help you get back on track.

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