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LGBTQ+ Friendly Addiction Treatment Programs

Substance use disorders disproportionately impact the LBGTQ+ community in the United States. The LGBTQ+ community suffers from undue violence, discrimination, and often struggle with personal identity. Addiction within the LGBTQ+ population stems from unresolved traumas, mental health issues, and quite possibly societal rejection. Those who are cast out of their family units because of their sexual orientation are particularly impacted by addiction.

Many partake in addictive substances in a desperate attempt to self medicate. Although addiction is a legitimate medical condition, it is a symptom of a larger problem. Stigmatization, hate crimes, family rejection, and internalized homophobia are common struggles addressed in our LGBTQ+ friendly rehabilitation programs.

We provide the full spectrum of evidence-based, individualized care for all clients, addressing one’s unique life circumstances, severity of addiction, presence of co-occurring mental health disorders, and temperament as a whole. Our recovery is holistic, emphasizing revival of the body, mind, and spirit.

Substance Abuse in the LGBTQ+ Community

The people within the LGBTQ+ community face similar difficulties including: self-acceptance, rejection based on one’s orientation, unprovoked violence, and hiding their authentic selves in fear of discrimination. The stigma surrounding being LGBTQ+ can provoke conflict in one’s personal, professional, and everyday life. The pressure to conform and denounce one’s sexual orientation often leads teens and adults alike down the path of addiction.

Many partaking in addictive substances are attempting to feel normal. Uninhibited, and unapologetically themselves. Turning to drugs and alcohol to lessen one’s inhibitions, those in the community tend to develop substance use disorders while they attempt to navigate their complicated paths. However, dependence on addictive substances quickly develops into a physical and psychological condition that requires treatment to overcome.

Recovery challenges in the LGBTQ+ community

The general stigma of getting help for addiction works against those in the LGBTQ+ who are already predispositioned for abuse. The population as a whole struggles with similar co-occurring mental health conditions including depression, being suicidal, inflicting harm to oneself, and eating disorders.

Our LGBTQ+ friendly rehabilitation programs are designed individually for each client. Rehab is different for everyone. We offer a non-discriminatory safe space to recover. We pride ourselves on compassionate treatment. Our drug rehab programs are comprehensive and help clients develop personal empowerment, self acceptance, and healthy coping skills.

Compassionate LGBTQ+ friendly Treatment Programs at Harbor Village

We offer the full spectrum of addiction treatment including detox, residential rehabilitation, partial hospitalization programs, intensive, and outpatient programs. We understand recovery isn’t the same for everyone. Clients and our team of multidisciplinary professionals craft a unique treatment plan together to combat the the multiple facets of addiction head-on.

Our evidence-based psychotherapies pinpoint the root of addiction and help clients recover from the ground up. We specifically help our LGBTQ+ population with self-acceptance and mindfulness practices. Clients work hand-in-hand with therapists to confront stigma, negative self-programming, and self-loathing.

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