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Harbor Village Florida: Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Harbor Village provides comprehensive addiction treatment in Miami. Our full continuum of care is client-centered and optimized to meet your individual needs, including telehealth options for those unable to attend in-person treatment.

Harbor Village was founded with the belief that recovery is possible for all. Serving all of South Florida and beyond, we utilize evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods to guide our clients through the process recovery process. We are devoted to providing all patients, regardless of status or background, the absolute best, affordable, and effective inpatient medical detox in Miami, inpatient rehab, and outpatient treatment options. In addition to client-centered inpatient care, we also offer outpatient support through telehealth services. Tailored to clients who may not be able to attend in-person treatment, our telehealth therapy sessions are led by licensed behavioral health professionals via an online virtual platform under the supervision of our clinical directors.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Our trauma-informed approach to recovery focuses on addressing the underlying causes of substance use.
Medical Detox in Miami
The recovery journey begins by breaking the physical bonds of addiction. Medical detox helps to ease the transition into sobriety by addressing the physical symptoms of withdrawal.
Inpatient Residential Rehab
By removing the negative influences of external distractions and triggers, inpatient care allows clients to turn their focus inward on healing and personal growth.
Partial Hospitalization Programs
Partial Hospitalization Programs are designed for clients who benefit from a more focused support and guidance. Our PHP is individualized to meet the needs of each client.
Intensive Outpatient Programs
For clients transitioning from previous levels of care or for whom inpatient rehab is not viable, Intensive Outpatient Programs combine structured treatment with the freedom to continue managing external responsibilities.
Outpatient Programs
Outpatient Programs through Harbor Village focus on empowering clients with the tools necessary to navigate life in recovery. OP treatment is available for clients at any stage of recovery process.
Aftercare Planning
Our commitment to you and your sobriety extends beyond your time with us! Our aftercare planning helps you move forward on your journey. This includes assistance with finding continued care, assistance with housing, education, and employment.
Telehealth Services
We understand in-person treatment may not be viable for everyone. Our telehealth services provide the same quality of client-centered care, from the comfort of your home! Convenient and secure, our virtual counseling platform allows you to connect with licensed professionals anywhere and any time.
Alumni Support
Harbor Village alumni are a part of our family for life. Our alumni programs include monthly outings, support groups, and relapse prevention help.

Why Choose Harbor Village Florida Detox?

Medical Leadership
Our medical staff is certified and experienced in providing medical support through the detox process and beyond. With 24 hour clinical supervision, we keep your safety as our top priority.
The Joint Commission Accreditation
Accreditation by The Joint Commission shows Harbor Village’s commitment to continuous quality improvement. We stay up to date with the newest techniques and modalities to ensure our programs are the most effective.
One-on-One Attention
Harbor Village has a dedicated team of case managers who work one-on-one with our clients, making sure they receive the best treatment catering to their individual needs.
Client-Centered Treatment
Because we understand the journey of recovery is different for each person, we focus on the individual their personal experiences and needs.
Recovery-Focused Community
The peaceful, recovery-focused environment at Harbor Village help to promote healing and growth together.
24/7 Admissions Support
Our admissions team is available to help you begin your journey 365 days a year!

Healing with Harbor Village Florida

With Harbor Village, clients are given the respect and recognition they deserve. We believe everyone in need of substance abuse recovery is capable of manifesting their full potential. Employing the most caring and compassionate staff, Harbor Village pledges to painlessly guide patients through the trials of withdrawal. Addiction treatment is only effective when each patient is given a customized recovery regime, based on their unique level of addiction. We make sure you never feel like a number. We believe recovery is an intimate process between our classically trained professional recovery staff members and those suffering from addiction. Harbor Village provides the pinnacle of affordable healthcare for all socioeconomic members equally. Harbor Village knows understanding the origin of substance abuse is as crucial as breathing.

What They Say About Us?

See how we've helped others change their lives for the better!
I was in Harbor Village in March 2017 and left in April 2017. This place changed my life. I’m happy to say that I’ve clean and sober for 17 months. God brought me to this place a very broken woman. I am a strong, independent, and confident woman today and it’s all because of the Father Almighty and Harbor Village.
My friend and I came together for treatment. A lot of treatment centers don’t allow you to come with a friend but Harbor Village gave us a chance. I am proud to say that both me and my friend are coming up on our 6 months of sobriety because of this place!
I've relapsed in the past twice and knew I needed to go to another center for the third time. A close friend of mine brought me to Harbor Village. The people here welcomed me in without making me feel embarrassed. I met great people and I had a great experience at this facility. The good news is I've been sober for 193 days now!
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