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Residential Rehab Treatment Program In Miami, FL

At Harbor Village, our residential substance abuse treatment offers continual medical support to treat lasting symptoms of withdrawal and provides management for cravings. But it’s much more than that. Here at our comfortable, upscale Miami rehab facility, you can make yourself at home and focus on healing — without distractions.

What Does Residential Rehab Mean For You?

Residential rehabilitation is more intensive than its outpatient rehabilitation counterpart, and better serves those who are still struggling to abstain from addictive substances. Inpatient rehabilitation programs ensure heightened security, as well as resources that may be difficult to find on your own, including:

Also, Harbor Village encourages visits from friends and family during the residential treatment phase, which can positively influence recovery. After all, we believe Treatment should be an outline for the future and help families reconnect and become stronger together. 

Why Choose Residential Inpatient Treatment?

Residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation focuses on providing you with intensive one-on-one therapy and group therapy to explore the underlying reasons for your addiction — all within the safety of a 24 hour monitored treatment center. Inpatient rehabilitation treatment is ideal for those struggling with addiction who have never attended, or completed, drug rehabilitation, or for those who may be exposed to an environment of abuse at home.

Inpatient substance abuse treatment usually lasts from 30 to 90 days. Patients who follow up medical detox with residential drug rehabilitation drastically improve their chances of avoiding future relapse. 

In residential drug rehab at Harbor Village, you’ll establish healthy ways to deal with intense feelings like guilt, depression, anger, and grief. Your experience will be met with understanding and acceptance. 

Home Away From Home at Miami’s Harbor Village

We believe that, when you feel comfortable and cared for, it’s easier to focus on healing. That’s why our Miami, Florida facility offers exceptional amenities and activities, making it one of the best inpatient drug rehab centers available. You’ll enjoy:

Medically Assisted Recovery in Residential Inpatient Treatment

Harbor Village offers medically assisted recovery, which has been proven to greatly diminish cravings, and help recovering patients of substance use disorders keep their jobs, and return to living normally faster. Your medication will be monitored by an expert addiction specialist while you readjust to living without addictive substances.

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