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Holistic Wellness Practices for Addiction Recovery

Recovery is about so much more than simply abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It’s about finding peace and healing.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

Harbor Village recognizes that wellness is all about balance between the mental, physical and spiritual parts of ourselves. When any one of these elements isn’t cared for, we can’t be our best. That’s why we rely on a combination of medical treatments, evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches to substance abuse treatment — to help you achieve an abiding sense of wellbeing in early recovery.

Mindfulness Matters

Meditation, yoga, and other holistic practices often tend to mindfulness — paying attention to the here and now. Techniques that help you stay in the moment are especially useful in diminishing cravings for drugs or alcohol. They can also help you deal with trauma and PTSD. Harbor Village offers meditation and yoga, as well as other practices to help you integrate mindfulness into your everyday life. Used in combination with therapy, these techniques are a powerful way to help you throughout recovery — and beyond. 

Total Wellness for Addiction Recovery

Working It Out

Many people find that, once they’ve had an opportunity to detox from toxic substances, they have a great deal of extra energy. Exercise (in moderation, of course) is a healthy way to put that energy to use — and it helps to reduce cravings and diminish physical aches and pains. At Harbor Village, we offer ample opportunities for both strength and cardio training. Harbor Village also provides guided exercise programs with a professional trainer, as well as yoga classes. And with all of the sunny Miami right in your backyard, there are plenty of outdoor fitness activities to enjoy as well.

Nutrition for Newfound Sobriety

We see it often — malnourishment as the result of substance abuse. It’s hardly surprising, considering that addiction is so preoccupying that nutrition is no longer a priority. Also, many substances prevent the body from absorbing nutrients. That’s why Harbor Village provides wholesome catered meals, as well as healthy snacks and supplements. Your system may be a bit vulnerable during the earliest phases of sobriety, so it’s important to give it the fuel it needs to grow stronger and thrive.

Wellness for Life

We’d love to tell you more about the wellness options that are available to you at Harbor Village with our alcohol and drug rehab programs. Just give us a call or complete the short form to get in touch today. And together, we’ll help you achieve a newfound sense of balance and well-being in rehab — and in your recovery journey.

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