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Our Addiction Recovery Mission

At Harbor Village our addiction treatment services are founded on trust. By building connections and direct relationships with our clients, we foster the trust and support necessary for genuine, life-long transformation.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to reclaim their lives from addiction — including you. Harbor Village offers the highest standards of care by pairing traditional treatment modalities with innovative, holistic substance abuse treatment methods, helping our clients achieve long-term sobriety. 

Here at Harbor Village, you’re part of the family. Our professional, compassionate staff is deeply committed to maintaining your well-being as you move along your recovery journey. Because it’s not just our job; it’s our passion.

Harbor Village was founded by medical and mental health professionals dedicated to addressing the substance abuse epidemic affecting our community right here in Miami. We’re devoted to providing everyone facing addiction individualized treatment across a full continuum of care. That’s why our client-centered, relationship-driven treatment options are open and available to people around the country, including you.

It’s important to treat the physical symptoms of substance abuse; that’s why detox is the vital first step. But our personalized treatment programs go much further. We meet you right where you are, using trauma-informed modalities and dual diagnosis to uncover the roots of addiction to achieve meaningful healing for long-term recovery. Let’s get started.