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Specialized Rehab Programs in Miami, FL

At Harbor Village, we offer a wide variety of treatment options for substance abuse, including specialized programs that cater to your specific, individual needs. You may be more comfortable in a faith-based program, for example, or a program that includes only men or women. Whatever you need, our counselors work with you to determine the best program for you.

Group therapy

In our dynamic group therapy program, you receive inspiration and encouragement from others who are making the same journey toward recovery. By sharing your story and hearing the stories of others, you begin to understand more about the underlying problems that cause your substance addiction and what you must do to conquer it.

With the help of our trained staff of counselors and therapists at Harbor Village, your therapy group sets common goals for overcoming obstacles during the recovery process. The group becomes your emotional support system in difficult times such as detox and withdrawal. And throughout the course of your recovery, you establish lasting bonds and friendships that help you stay sober well after your rehab program has ended.

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Couples rehab

The struggle to overcome a shared addiction can easily cause tension, resentment and even mistrust in a relationship. At the couples rehab program at Harbor Village, you and your partner discover how to confront those issues, work together as a team to overcome the challenges of addiction recovery, and rebuild your relationship.

There are other issues for couples trying to end their drug and alcohol addiction, including codependency and enabling behaviors. Continuous exposure to illicit substances and substance use can make breaking the cycle difficult to do on your own. As part of our rehab program for couples, you and your partner learn to:

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Rehab for men

Studies show men are disproportionately affected by substance abuse disorders, and often feel more anxiety about opening up about their addiction than women. They’re typically less likely to seek treatment, in part of a societal stigma regarding what is (or isn’t) considered “masculine” behavior.

At Harbor Village, we’ll help you learn to become a communicator and speak freely about your feelings, which aids your recovery and helps prevent relapse. We also stress the importance of engaging in other activities in times of stress, such as picking up a sport or hobby that interests you. Combined with medical and clinical treatments, our recovery programs provide the guidance you need for a successful recovery.

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Rehab for women

Studies show substance abuse affects women differently than men. Women can become addicted while using smaller amounts over less time; they may have more cravings and be more likely to relapse after treatment; and they may experience more physical and mental effects from using drugs and alcohol.

During treatment you’ll learn how to confront trauma without spiraling further into addiction. Our programs are evidence-based, which means they’re proven to help you achieve long-term sobriety. You’ll learn how to apply healthy coping skills into your everyday life to stop the cycle of addiction.

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Rehab for young adults

We know how difficult it can be for a parent to acknowledge and accept that their son or daughter has a problem with drugs or alcohol. But it’s your responsibility to intervene in your teen’s substance abuse and get them into a treatment program before their addiction becomes worse.

At Harbor Village, our teen rehab program helps your child learn how to stop their substance abuse, control their addictive behaviors and manage their life without drugs or alcohol. We incorporate group therapy as one of the most important elements of our program, because being able to talk to peers without fear of judgment or guilt is extremely important for teens.

Our program provides the clinical and emotional support your teen needs to beat their addiction and remain sober.

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Faith-based rehab

At Harbor Village, we understand the importance of your faith in trying times. Drug and alcohol rehab is a deeply personal, transformative process, and your connection with a higher power can provide the strength and support you need to overcome your addiction. Through our program, you can embark on a new spiritual journey or restore previously held bonds. 

Our faith-based program supplements evidence-based treatment and therapies with holistic spiritual counseling and religious teachings. In addition to our team of certified clinicians and medical professionals, we partner with compassionate religious advisors to incorporate lessons from religious texts, church services, spiritual counseling and the 12-step doctrine. With daily biblical teachings, this program focuses on the empowerment that comes from having a relationship with a higher power.

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LGBTQ+ Friendly addiction treatment

Harbor Village is certified by the YES Institute. Addiction affects an estimated 20 to 30 percent of people in the LGBTQ+ community, a rate more than doubles that of the general population. At Harbor Village, we understand that while substance abuse disorders are often rooted in underlying mental health issues, addiction among LBGTQ+ people may also stem from social factors such as stigmatization, hate crimes, family rejection, and internalized homophobia. Our programs are LGBTQ+ friendly. We provide a safe, accepting space for growth and transformation into the person you were meant to be.

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12-step addiction recovery

At Harbor Village, we embrace the principles established by Alcoholics Anonymous as the core of our 12-step addiction recovery program. We combine evidence-based treatment and clinical therapies with a 12-step modality focusing on surrendering guilt and blame for past behaviors, shortcomings, and taking responsibility for your future. The program helps you learn to control your emotions, express anger, deal with depression and anxiety through positive outlets, and form lasting social circles that benefit you after rehab. The nature of the 12-step addiction recovery program requires complete honesty with yourself and your therapist to create true change. Ultimately, your recovery guides you to a life without dependency on drugs and alcohol through connection with your divine higher power.

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