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Family Counseling and Therapy For Substance Abuse

Family can be one of the most powerful assets of your recovery. That’s why it’s important to heal together.  

The Role of Family in Substance Abuse Treatment

You may have heard the adage: “Addiction is a family disease.” If someone you love is experiencing a substance use disorder, then you know from experience how true it is. The addictive behavior doesn’t just affect the person with the addiction; rather, it can also affect friends, co-workers, even the community at large. But most acutely affected are the addicted person’s family members. 

It’s not unusual to feel lost, angry or even despondent over a loved one’s substance use, especially if you’ve tried to confront them about it. Many people also feel guilty. But please remember that it’s not your fault.As long as your loved one is alive, there is hope for recovery.

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The family is one of the most important support systems available to someone in recovery — which means family members have a special opportunity to help and to heal. At Harbor Village, we provide the background and education for family members to understand the nature of addiction, and to provide support in sobriety. 

What Is Family Therapy Like?

Family therapy helps to establish healthy communication and a more positive dynamic. 

After all, while it may be easiest to identify the problem when it comes to the person with the addiction, the family dynamic is much more complex and involved. At our addiction recovery center in Miami, the entire family will have the opportunity to sit down together with a trained behavioral health specialist (in person or virtually) to work through their pain — and to address the causes of the substance abuse. By understanding the roots of the addictive behavior, the family as a whole can begin to move forward with compassion, trust, and support.

We also work to identify areas where the family system could use support and healthier ways of coping with day to day interaction. This can be challenging work, as many of these patterns are deeply entrenched. But with trust, intent, and open communication, it’s very possible to identify the behavioral cycles that aren’t working well, and take responsibility for improving them.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy Can Change Lives

Understand that change takes time and effort — and that long-standing issues won’t be solved in a single session. But we strongly believe that the family is one of the most important sources of support anyone in recovery can have. When everyone is doing their part to contribute to the wellbeing, not only of the person with the substance use disorder, but also of the entire family system, everyone emerges stronger, healthier, and happier. Let’s put therapy to work for your family. Give us a call today.

The Family Role in Addiction Recovery | Harbor Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Miami

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