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Rehab Aftercare Services

It’s a major achievement to complete a rehab program for drug or alcohol abuse, and you should feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. But it’s vitally important that you remember there is still a lot of work to do. The struggle to beat your addiction and stay clean and sober doesn’t end when you leave residential rehab.

At Harbor Village, our aftercare support services are designed to help you avoid relapse and maintain your hard-earned sobriety in the months and years ahead. We create an individualized aftercare plan designed to help you:

Our approach to aftercare planning

We start working on your aftercare plan as soon as you enter treatment at Harbor Village. During your initial assessment, your dedicated therapist and case manager work together to begin mapping out your recovery goals, laying out a path for what you want to accomplish during your rehab treatment and beyond.

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As you progress through your addiction treatment, we constantly assess your progress and make changes to your long-term plans as appropriate. By the time you finish with residential rehab, we have a plan in place to help you with every facet of life after rehab, including helping you find housing, locating convenient outpatient treatment options, providing on-going employment and educational opportunities, and much more. Our aftercare support services reinforce the life management skills and relapse prevention techniques you learn during inpatient residential treatment. At Harbor Village, we know the importance of aftercare to long-term recovery and we’re dedicated to providing you with a successful, well thought out plan for ongoing guidance and support.

Aftercare support you can trust

As you move through your continuum of care at Harbor Village – from drug detox to rehab treatment and beyond – you form a bond of trust with our clinicians, therapists and other dedicated professionals. This establishes a strong connection with the Harbor Village staff, and those well-established relationships give you confidence in knowing that we will act in your best interests as we provide you with essential tools and support for your future.

During aftercare, we also connect you with other people, organizations and resources who can support your ongoing recovery. We show you where to find community 12-step groups, and we connect you with therapists and other professionals whose services you may need occasionally.

Don’t stumble on your recovery journey because you’re overconfident and thinking that you can go it alone. Take the same support and structure you received during residential rebab into the early stages of your sobriety, giving you an additional level of security for a life free of alcohol and drugs.

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