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Miami, FL Rehab for Teens and Young Adults

Did you know young adults are more adversely impacted by addiction?

Why Do We Offer addiction Treatment for Young People?

Substance abuse disorders commonly begin during adolescence. Addiction in young adults (18-30) stems from unresolved trauma and undiagnosed mental health disorders. Those who enroll in treatment sooner rather than later prevent potentially permanent physical and psychological damage.

Our treatment programs are specifically tailored to address addiction from its roots. The sooner young adults combat the underlying causes of addiction, the faster they recover. It’s important for young adults to seek treatment immediately to avoid exasperating the condition. Those who seek treatment sooner rather than later have a less difficult time recovering, as opposed to someone who has allowed their substance use disorder to remain untreated for years, or decades.

Young adults between the ages of 18-23 specifically are still in the last stages of development. An untreated substance use disorder may stunt growth permanently, depending on the substance and severity of one’s condition.

Why Do Young Adults Turn to Drugs and Alcohol?

Young adults often self-medicate as a means of coping with stress, academic pressure, work responsibilities, difficult family dynamics, unresolved trauma, and relationship stressors. What many view as a causal habit may quickly turn into a full-blown substance use disorder.

Some young adults are thrill seekers and will ingest any substance presented to them if paired with a compelling story on how “good” they’re going to feel. Peer pressure can contribute to developing continued abuse problems, and give one a false sense of invincibility, especially while inebriated.

What Kind of Treatment for Young Adults Does Harbor village Provide?

Our treatment programs are 100% individualized to suit our client’s personal needs. Addiction recovery isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. We implement a variety of psychotherapies designed to specifically address the multiple facets of addiction from the ground up. Below is a general overview of treatment with Harbor Village.

Medical Detox: Medical detox is the first step to recovery and is necessary upon enrollment. During detox clients will experience the effects of withdrawal. Our treatment center is medically monitored around the clock, ensuring 24 hour access to both our clinical and medical staff. During detox you will receive treatment to alleviate as many detrimental effects as possible for a smooth transition into residential rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Young Adults

Residential Program: As part of our residential rehab program, you’ll remain on our premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Treatment centers around uncovering the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction. During treatment clients participate in evidence-based psychotherapies, typically revolving around cognitive behavioral therapy. Throughout the course of residential rehabilitation clients learn how to identify problems thoughts and behaviors while maintaining their composure and sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient: Our intensive outpatient programs offer clients the ability to return home and keep up with their personal responsibilities. During outpatient treatment clients can expect to continue one-on-one therapy and developing healthy coping skills to remain drug and alcohol free.

Partial Hospitalization Program: Many of our younger clients elect for our partial hospitalization program (PHP). PHP gives clients the ability to attend treatment during the day and return home at night. Treatment continues to center around identifying the core aspects of addiction individually and combating thoughts and behaviors perpetuating abuse.

What Types of Substance Abuse Can Be Treated at Harbor Village?

Harbor Village treats a variety of substance abuse disorders, as well as trauma/PTSD, and any co-occurring mental health conditions. Generally speaking, we treat the following addictions:

Can Young Adults Afford Substance Abuse Treatment at Harbor Village?

We understand paying for rehabilitation can be a struggle, especially for young adults. That’s why we pride ourselves on accepting most major insurance coverages. We can help you verify your insurance for free. In the event you do not have insurance coverage, please call our hotline to discuss possible payment plans and alternative options.

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