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Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment in Miami, FL

Addiction recovery is difficult for anyone. The physical, mental, and emotional hurdles you face can be intimidating. And if you’re like many addicted Americans who also cope with a mental health disorder, the challenge can be even more overwhelming.

At Harbor Village, we specialize in providing the treatment you need to beat your substance abuse disorder along with the life management skills you need to overcome the mental health issues that may have led to your addiction in the first place. We understand that the only sure path to a successful recovery is to treat both issues simultaneously. To get you there, we create an individualized recovery plan that incorporates evidence-based therapies throughout the full continuum of care to provide you with the most effective treatment. Our goal is to provide comprehensive treatment for all issues that impact your addiction, and for you to attain lasting sobriety.

Cycle of substance abuse and mental health issues

If you have a substance abuse problem, there’s at least an even chance you also have a mental health disorder, according to a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The two issues are closely intertwined:

By self-treating your mental health challenges with drugs and alcohol, you create a physical and mental dependence. These issues must be addressed together for the best chance of a successful recovery.

Take control of your life

At our addiction treatment center in Miami, Florida, we empower you with the life skills to overcome co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our behavioral health treatment services go beyond the physical aspects of your addiction to address the underlying causes.

Don’t let the combination of substance addiction and mental illness dominate your life. You can recover from drug or alcohol addiction while remaining in control of your mental health. At Harbor Village we treat co-occurring disorders along with substance use disorders to establish long-term recovery.

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