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Questions We Ask Ourselves in Early Recovery

Addiction affects everyone differently- we know that. What may not cause any problems for one person can trigger a life-altering substance abuse disorder. Some people may be able to give up their substance of choice and never look back; others will experience relapse along their journey. While each sober journey is definitely unique, there’s still […]

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Parenting in Recovery

The path of addiction recovery is different for everyone: we all have individual needs, concerns, and unique situations that impact our sober journeys. We also recognize that our recovery affects more than just our lives, but those of the people we hold dear. But what about when those people include children- your children? The decision […]

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Things to Protect in a Sober Relationship

We’ve touched on the topic of dating and relationships while in recovery before: some believe a good relationship can aid your recovery, while others urge focusing on yourself without a partner. While I tend to believe each case is unique and should be treated as such, there are a few valid reasons for concern: The […]

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