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2021: 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Sober Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day — Romance is in the air! Flowers and chocolates and wine are abundant, but maintaining your sobriety can make celebrating Valentine’s a bit tricky. Here’s 10 romantic date ideas for sober couples! Cook at Home. Whether you make an old favorite or try out a new recipe, cooking together is a fun and […]

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Questions We Ask Ourselves in Early Recovery

Addiction affects everyone differently- we know that. What may not cause any problems for one person can trigger a life-altering substance abuse disorder. Some people may be able to give up their substance of choice and never look back; others will experience relapse along their journey. While each sober journey is definitely unique, there’s still […]

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Common Causes of Relapse to Avoid

The question of how to avoid relapse is often posed here at Harbor Village- by clients and concerned family members alike. While every journey is different and relapse as a part of the recovery journey isn’t always an ending, knowing what to avoid and how to manage temptation is paramount to long-term sobriety. Throughout rehab […]

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