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5 Ways We Enable Addiction in Our Loved Ones

Friends and family members often struggle to understand and help loved ones with untreated substance abuse disorders.  People react differently in this kind of situation. Some react in anger, turning their backs, placing blame, and unwittingly adding to the problem. Others are in denial: because their loved ones don’t necessarily fit into the mental image […]

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How to Help Your Loved One Through Rehab

Here at Harbor Village we receive a lot of questions from concerned family members and friends looking for ways to help their loved ones overcome substance abuse and addiction. While it remains true that you can’t force sobriety on anyone, there are things you can do to help encourage recovery and support your loved ones […]

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Parenting in Recovery

The path of addiction recovery is different for everyone: we all have individual needs, concerns, and unique situations that impact our sober journeys. We also recognize that our recovery affects more than just our lives, but those of the people we hold dear. But what about when those people include children- your children? The decision […]

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