Animal therapy for addiction
Healing with Animal Therapy

When you think of addiction recovery treatments and therapy options, odds are images of traditional methods come to mind: a therapist’s office, a group therapy session, maybe a scene involving someone suffering from the symptoms of withdrawal (thankfully now we have medications which make this process much easier and less painful). While it’s true that […]

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Enabling addict
5 Ways We Enable Addiction in Our Loved Ones

It’s a difficult line to walk, yet hundreds of thousands of people do it everyday: friends, family members and loved ones struggle to understand and help those of us with untreated substance abuse disorders. Unfortunately, due to under-education of the masses, most people don’t know the first thing about properly handling a loved one’s addiction; most […]

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Blackout drinking
Dangers of Blackout Drinking

Alcohol: the most legal addictive substance in the United States. Each year, hundreds of thousands of lives are lost either to alcohol-related accidents or disease. Beyond that, lives, families, and communities are ruined due to the consequences of alcohol abuse. Yet somehow, we continue to blindly believe that alcohol is safe and we are above the dangers. […]

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