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Why Support Systems are Important
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Marisa Dellarmo


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PTSD and Substance Abuse: Recognizing Red Flags and Green Flags

As an experienced Addiction therapist I have found it is useful to define triggers as red flags and coping skills as green flags. I find it is easier for those in early recovery to have an understanding of what a trigger is and how to cope with it in a...

Steps for Avoiding Relapse During Crisis

Something you will hear going to 12-step meetings is “relapse is part of recovery”. In my opinion it doesn’t have to be. However, if you do relapse it’s OK. What is important is that it’s a short relapse, get back to a meeting or into treatment. It is easy to...

We are in the Same Storm But Not the Same Boat

With all the uncertainty that’s going on, I have been reading a lot about how we are all in the same boat, which in my opinion is not the case at all. We are in the same storm but not the same boat. My boat can be floating and someone...

Positivity in Self-Quarantine

There has never been a more uncertain and unsettling time than the one we continue to experience on a daily basis. No one could predict we would be experiencing a global pandemic resulting in self-quarantine. During this time, people have experienced and continue to experience unanticipated situations such as job...

Family Boundary Setting and Addiction

Addiction negatively impacts all relationships the individual has whether it may be family relationships, friendships or intimate relationships. When an individual is deep in their addiction they not only are trying to survive day to day in order to avoid becoming sick from withdrawal but also continue to engage in...

Communicating with Family During COVID-19

Crisis occurs for any number of reasons. Sometimes it is a natural disaster, major loss in the family, loss of job or financial status. Sometimes it is a global pandemic, which results in widespread social isolation. If we are lucky, we have family to be isolated with, even if it...

COVID-19: Challenges for People in Recovery

COVID-19 and lockdown has been especially tough for people in recovery from addiction because addiction leads to and flourishes in isolation. As alcohol and other drugs use can overtake a person’s life, their social life and contact with others then begins to narrow. Thus, substance use becomes the main focus...

How Do I Know I Have an Addiction?

Oftentimes when speaking about signs of addiction our minds automatically think of addiction in relation to illicit substances like drugs or alcohol. However addiction comes in many different forms and is not only linked to substance use. One may be addicted to sex, gambling, shopping, eating, playing video games, going...

End of Year Resolutions You Can Set Right Now!

We’re in the final stretch of 2019, and for many people, now is the time to reflect on the year and begin making plans for the next. Each year, we all make a list of New Year’s Resolutions for how we will improve our lives in the coming year, listing...

Baking Powder, Or….? Make Up Artist Finds Cocaine in Sephora Delivery

When New Jersey makeup artist Christina Milano made her online purchase at Sephora, she expected to replenish her kit. Rather than just getting a few new brushes and contour kits, Milano was in for the shock of her life. While she received the $250 make up delivery she was expecting,...

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