Overcoming Substance Abuse During the Holidays 2021

The holidays have a way of bringing families together with camaraderie, gratitude, transformation, and rebirth. Thanksgiving, the holiday season, and New Year’s all follow each other in quick succession. Typically, this is cause for celebration and a joyful time of year; however, the holidays can be really hard in some cases. For those who struggle […]

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Three Signs Your Body Gives You That its Time to Quit Drinking

Making the decision to quit drinking alcohol isn’t a light undertaking. So many social events and celebrations revolve around alcohol use you may not even realize how deeply ingrained into your life it is until you try to quit drinking cold turkey. For heavy drinkers or those with an alcohol use problem, quitting cold turkey […]

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What NOT to Say When Someone Tells You They’re Sober

What NOT to Say When Someone Tells You They’re Sober When someone tells you that they’re sober, your response makes a difference. It’s possible, even likely, that they reached their own personal ‘rock bottom’ before starting on the path to recovery and sobriety. So a flippant dismissal or irrelevant response can be invalidating or otherwise […]

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