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What Genetics Can Tell You About Addiction

You may have your mother’s smile and your father’s eyes, but do you also have their addiction? Looking back into your genetics could answer many questions you have about how your addiction started and why your particular substance of choice is your substance of choice. Tracing these issues does not have...

Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Time Injecting Heroin

Life as a heroin addict presents challenges daily. Whether you are living with a substance abuse issue or in recovery, you can probably remember your first time using. It was the beginning of the end for some. For the lucky ones, this moment is a precautionary tale. Using heroine changes...

The Recovery Equation: Understanding Addiction Through Math

Math: it’s not everyone’s strong suit. I admit, I don’t struggle with it as much as some, but it’s hardly an easy subject for me, either. Rather you use it daily or not, math has it’s applications- including helping you understand addiction. It may seem like a stretch, but hear...

Giving Back: Working as an Addiction Counselor in Recovery

For some, recovering from substance abuse inspires a calling to give back through service. Giving back to the community by working as an addiction counselor enriches the recovery experience for both you and those you will help along the way. Just as with sponsorship, it’s important to know what you’re...

Holistic Alternatives for Pain Management

With the rampant opioid abuse epidemic facing the country and resulting legislative restrictions on powerful pain medications, more people are seeking holistic alternatives for pain management than ever. These alternatives are especially important to people in recovery for opioid abuse who are living with pain conditions. No one should have...

What Is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

What is DBT Therapy? Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an alternative treatment to cognitive behavioral therapy. Another form of “talk therapy,” DBT is based in mindfulness and places an emphasis on self-acceptance. Contrary to cognitive behavioral therapy, which is based on immediate change and expulsion of the present self, DBT attempts...

I’m in Recovery, But My Partner Isn’t- Should I Leave?

Being on the other side of addiction and in recovery is a powerful and inspiring experience. When your eyes are truly opened to how dedication and commitment can change your life, wanting others to experience it as well is only natural. But what happens when they refuse? People are often...

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addiction: What You Need to Know

For most people, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) brings thoughts of distant war zones, heavy fire, and the tragedies of war. While this is a classic example of a situation which may cause PTSD, understanding more about the disorder can help break the stigmas and open up opportunities for treatment.  ...

Gustavo Falcon, Last of Cocaine Cowboys, Rangled in Florida After 26 Years on the Run

After over two decades of evading the law, Gustavo Falcon, one half of the infamous Cocaine Cowboys has finally reached the end of his line. The Cocaine Cowboys, Gustavo and his brother Augusto Falcon, came to fame for their drug trafficking ring in South Florida throughout the 1980s. Partnered with...

23 And Me Test Gets First FDA Approval- Can it Detect Predisposition to Addiction?

If you could take an at-home DNA test and know your risks for developing serious chronic or even life threatening diseases, would you take it? What if it could have warned you of your predisposition to addiction? With 23 And Me getting it’s first FDA approval, we may be closer...

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