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Recovery Spotlight: Aftercare Coordinator Cynthia Ingram
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Alexandrea H.


Harbor Village provides comprehensive addiction treatment in Miami.

Women’s History Month: 5 Women in Recovery You Need to Follow

March is Women’s History Month! Each year we celebrate the women who have put their mark on history. Trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and civil leaders, the women we honor during Women’s History Month helped to shatter boundaries and shape the world as it is today. To celebrate, we’re honoring amazing women in...

5 Anxiety Busting Lifehacks No One Told You About

How to Calm Anxiety Creatively Every well-being advice column is chalk full of tips on alleviating anxiety- you know the tired, rehashed advice we’ve heard our entire lives. Breathe deeply. Distract yourself. Remind yourself with positive affirmations that “everything is going to be okay.” Well, sometimes things are NOT okay....

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Sober Couples

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, romance is in the air! Flowers and chocolates and wine are abundant, but maintaining your sobriety can make celebrating Valentine’s a bit tricky. Here’s 10 romantic date ideas for sober couples! Cook at Home. Whether you make an old favorite or try out...

American Heart Month: How Do Drugs and Alcohol Affect Your Heart?

It often goes unnoticed. Your heartbeat has always been there, and as far as you’re concerned it will always be there. Many people take it for granted, thinking their body can handle anything they throw at it. The heart is responsible for your entire circulatory system. When it is weakened...

5 Reasons To Get Sober in 2019

Anyone who has ever struggled with substance abuse knows how difficult it can be to remain sober. Positive support and expert guidance are necessary to successfully conquer drug addiction. In the most recent Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), it was estimated that almost nine percent of Americans needed help with substance abuse but...

8 Smart Ways to Strengthen Your Recovery with National Hobby Month

Using National Hobby Month to Fight Addiction January is National Hobby Month! Hobbies make you happy. (No really— it’s actual science, but we’ll touch on that in a bit.) I know what you’re thinking— “a made-up calendar holiday no one thinks or cares about.” Touche! But that’s only true if...

Sober Holiday Events in South Florida

The holidays: a time for family, cheer, and giving. For many it’s also among the most stressful, emotionally difficult times of the year. Strained family connections, grief for lost loved ones, feelings of isolation, and other physical and emotional triggers can make it a struggle to get through to the...

Submission: “Growing Up with Prescription Drug Addiction” by Christine F.

I grew up with a mother who had a prescription drug addiction. This disorder started when my mother broke her ankle when I was just four years old. Her life went downhill after that, and it affected my life in ways that still haunt me. The Early Years It didn’t...

What You Need to Know About Addiction, Your Immune System, & Lung Cancer

What You Need to Know About Addiction, Your Immune System, & Lung Cancer Drug Abuse’s Suppression of the Immune System It’s lung cancer awareness month! Drugs are bad, m’kay? But, did you know addictive substances are detrimental to your immune system? Opioid use depresses the respiratory system and inhibits one’s...

10 Facts You Need to Know About: Prescription Drug Abuse

With the prevalence of prescription drug abuse and corresponding fatal overdose rates, it’s time to challenge the way we view and respond to the substance abuse epidemic sweeping the U.S. By correcting misconceptions, banishing stigmas, educating the public, and creating greater access to recovery services, we can work together to...

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