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End of Year Resolutions You Can Set Right Now!
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5 Ways Springtime Will Help Your Recovery

If you’ve embarked on your journey to sobriety you know how important it is to continually renew your vigor to stay sober! Use the brilliant springtime to revitalize both your mind and spirit. Recommitting yourself to sobriety doesn’t have to be fanciful, and can be done from the comfort of...

Surviving Relapse in Grief: How to Cope with Death

The Truth About Drugs and Death No words express the emptiness loved ones leave behind in death.   In the pits of despair temporary relief in the bending of reality seems the only escape from the madness. In this, drugs become a portal of escape.   The first time I...

What Your Loved One’s Addiction Does and Doesn’t Mean

Watching someone you love suffer under the effects of addiction is hard. Guilt, frustration, and fear make it difficult to know what to do to help- or if you even should. You’re not alone: millions of families across the United States are fighting the same battles and facing the same...

When You Feel Defeated

Some days are just… horrible. Sometimes it seems like the days drag on, raining down punch after punch, kick after kick. We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders and we just can’t carry it any more. It’s overwhelming, anxiety inducing, and leaves you feeling worthless and defeated....

What I Wish I Knew Before Your Overdose

Losing the fight against addiction and substance abuse to overdose is always a tragedy- but when it hits close to home the grief and guilt is overpowering. Knowing that your loved one is at risk for overdose is a terrifyingly helpless feeling; you live in fear of the worst while...

Dear Enablers: You Are Not Helping Anyone

Dear Enablers, Let’s get blunt right at the start: you’re not helping anyone, okay? When you turn a blind eye on signs of addiction, you are feeding it. When you ignore missing money or items from your home, you are letting addiction deepen its grip. Helping your loved one get...

5 Ways Relapse Will Improve Your Life

When it comes to addiction recovery, relapse can seem like a demon constantly lurking at your back. It’s viewed as the ultimate failure, as proof that addiction is a choice, and other such non-sense: but what if I told you relapse can actually improve your life? Now, by no means...

Every Two Hours Someone Overdoses in South Florida

The opiate addiction epidemic is no stranger to the shores of South Florida. Every two hours in Broward, Palm Beach, or Miami-Dade at least one person suffers a potentially fatal overdose. Officials project by the end of 2016 800 people would have suffered from near-fatal overdoses from a mixture of...

Does Relapse Mean I Have to Start Over?

The journey has been tough- I’ve had a few close calls where I almost turned back to using because I was having a hard time dealing with stress and anxiety. Luckily I had some really great people in my life to turn to when I needed to talk or just...

Perfect Your Aftercare Plan in 3 Easy Steps!

Throughout your time in rehab you learn the tools and coping mechanisms necessary to maintain your sobriety and thrive without the crutch of drugs or alcohol. In the controlled atmosphere of inpatient care, the focus is drawn inward, on self-care and internal healing. But just as most people deal with...

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