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Why Support Systems are Important
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Marisa Dellarmo


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Co-Occurring and Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse Related To Mental Health

According to Angela Kimball, CEO of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five Americans experience mental illness. When the illness is combined with the recreational use of illegal drugs, addiction occurs easily and quickly. Many people living with drug addiction began using drugs young as a form...

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Each year, more than 10 million Americans experience abuse at the ends of a domestic partner at an average of 20 people per minute. Domestic violence and abuse occurs across all demographics in all relationship configurations; however, women are more likely to experience domestic violence and abuse than men.  One...

8 Years, 4 Months, 29 Days

The following account of addiction and recovery was shared with us as part of our initiative to help people share their stories. If you would like to use your voice to help others, contact us at editors@harborvillageflorida.com. I was standing outside of a liquor store just before 10 am. It...

National Recovery Month: 3 Ways to Challenge Substance Abuse Stigmas

Addiction is complex, scary and difficult to overcome. Whether you have personal experience with addiction, or someone you love is living with the disease, stigmas and stereotypes surrounding substance abuse only make recovery that much more challenging. This September, during National Recovery Month, here are three ways you can challenge...

Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide Prevention Week is dedicated to ending the silence and shame surrounding suicide loss and preventing future tragedies. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, yet is one of the few which is 100 percent preventable. Connection, compassion, and empathy can help to bridge the...

September is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Month

When a mother-to-be drinks, her baby drinks.  Alcohol in the mother’s blood is passed directly to the fetus through the umbilical cord.  At present, physicians cannot determine the precise moment when a specific biological system such as the nervous system is most affected by alcohol consumption.  That’s why the medical...

The Power of Music for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Has music ever sent chills down your spine? Has a song ever spoke to your soul due to its breathtaking melody or profound lyrics? Music has become an influential part of our day-to-day lives. It is so powerful that it can fill us with joy or make us cry just...

Addressing Substance Abuse: Community Health Improvement Week

Substance abuse disorders are quiet, careful killers. They are disorders that force our way of living to center solely around the addictive substance and nothing else. In the United States, 20.2 million adults aged 18 or older suffered from a substance abuse disorder in 2014, accounting for billions of dollars...

How to Explain Addiction to Children Carefully

When Is it Too Early or Too Late to Have the Drug Talk? Children are sponges. They absorb information better than any of us. If you think your problem is going over their head, think again. Although your child doesn’t understand the gravity of a chronic substance use disorder, the...

Stroke Awareness Month: Strokes Are Preventable and Treatable

The 5th Leading Cause of American Deaths Did you know that stroke is a leading cause of death in America? 795,000 people suffer from strokes yearly. Further, strokes account for 1 in every 20 deaths that occur in America. This means that 140,000 people die of strokes every year. This...

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