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End of Year Resolutions You Can Set Right Now!
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4 Unconventional Jobs You Can Work While in Outpatient Treatment

Your financial obligations and responsibilities shouldn’t stand in the way of your journey to overcome substance abuse, yet for many it does. Being unable to enter a traditional inpatient rehab program due to responsibilities at home doesn’t have to end your recovery before it begins. Outpatient rehab services provide you...

5 Signs You’re Addicted to Marijuana

Though still illegal in many states, marijuana use has become widely socially accepted and almost expected, especially among younger crowds. Today, smoking weed is treated much like social drinking, with many believing it’s actually a safer alternative to alcohol use. These misconceptions are dangerous: not only does marijuana use impair...

Planning Your Sober Vacation

If you have children or preparing to return to school yourself, you know that we’re in the final countdown before summer is over. If you feel like this summer just got away from you, don’t worry: you still have a few weeks left to take advantage of the warmth and...

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Reveals Shocking Overdose Details in New Book

Sigh. Life hasn’t been easy for young mother and star of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans. She was introduced to the world as a young teen mother-to-be on the controversial show 16 & Pregnant, where viewers watched her already troubled relationship with her son’s father, Andrew Lewis, go up...

#WomanCrushWednesday! 5 Badass Women in Recovery!

Ladies, every Wednesday our social media feeds get flooded with women being celebrated for their beauty, talents, capacity to love, and other achievements. #WomanCrushWednesdays are dedicated to mothers, wives, girlfriends, and admired celebrities all the time, but rarely is that spotlight given to women who are admired for their commitment...

Artistic Expression May Help Your Sobriety

Artistic expression is not limited to cheesy romance novels and Lifetime movies. Artists use their works to document their life experiences whether it be a paint stroke, a poem, or a song. More times than not, you can listen to the words of your favorite song and exclaim that you...

Tiger Completes ‘Intensive Program’ following DUI Charge

Tiger Woods Back on the Saddle Last month, the media reported Tiger Woods’ run in with authorities when he was found asleep at the wheel of his vehicle at 2am in Jupiter, Florida. While many originally assumed he had been drinking and driving, reports confirmed that Woods was under the...

Fill Up on These Foods to Kick Alcohol Cravings

The fourth of July is a day to celebrate independence, fun time, and food! No matter your July fourth plans, you are sure to run into a plethora of food and drinks to get your night started off right. The allure of refreshments can tempt you to grab a beverage...

10 Celebrities Living the Sober Life

Inspiration to stay sober can come from anywhere. Your family, your friends, and the want to stay physically and emotionally healthy are all great sources, but what about your favorite celebrity?   Sober Celebrities We all have looked up to a celebrity, following their lives and works. At times we...

National Headache and Migraine Awareness Month: Safely Relieving Your Migraines

In the spirit of Migraine Awareness Month, it is important to understand how seemingly harmless medication can affect you. In the United States alone, 37 million people suffer from migraines. With sufferers experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, pain in the face or neck, sensitivity to light, and nausea, it is...

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