Early addiction recovery
Questions We Ask Ourselves in Early Recovery

Addiction affects everyone differently- we know that. What may not cause any problems for one person can trigger a life-altering substance abuse disorder. Some people may be able to give up their substance of choice and never look back; others will experience relapse along their journey. While each sober journey is definitely unique, there’s still […]

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Fentanyl and heroin overdose
Fast Facts: Fentanyl and Heroin Overdose

With the current state to the nation’s rapidly growing heroin abuse epidemic, it seems like every day we’re getting news of another tragic and avoidable case. Rather it is children being put in dangerous situations, families grieving the loss of a loved one, or small areas of the country experiencing extraordinarily high rates of overdose […]

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Detox at home
Can You Detox at Home?

A common misconception about addiction and substance abuse is that recovery is as simple as ‘stop using.’ From the outside it may seem that simple, but knowing the kind of hard work and dedication that goes into recovery is part of understanding that sobriety is a lifestyle change, not a goal to be accomplished. Quick […]

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