How to Support Your Partner After a Relapse

Drug or alcohol addiction can be a chronic relapsing illness. This means there is a high chance those in recovery will experience at least one relapse in their journey. While drug addiction relapse statistics may seem discouraging, being informed is a great way to prepare yourself and your partner for the future possibility.  It’s important […]

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Private Vs. Free Rehab: What’s the Difference?

If you’re considering enrolling in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you may be wondering what the difference between private rehabilitation and free rehabilitation is. A private rehabilitation center is owned by an individual. In order for a private rehabilitation center to open their doors, they must comply with state guidelines on the operation of a rehab […]

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2021: 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Sober Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day — Romance is in the air! Flowers and chocolates and wine are abundant, but maintaining your sobriety can make celebrating Valentine’s a bit tricky. Here’s 10 romantic date ideas for sober couples! Cook at Home. Whether you make an old favorite or try out a new recipe, cooking together is a fun and […]

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