Can You Detox at Home?

A common misconception about addiction and substance abuse is that recovery is as simple as ‘stop using.’ From the outside it may seem that simple, but knowing the kind of hard work and dedication that goes into recovery is part of understanding that sobriety is a lifestyle change, not a goal to be accomplished.

Stop Looking for Quick and Easy

Quick and easy does not tend to translate to lasting; as stated before, sobriety is about a lifestyle change. We’re talking about working to rewire your brain, not changing your nail color.

Don’t waste your money on those supposed drug detox potions that claim they can purge your system in 24 hours or some other ridiculous claims. Even if those claims were true (they aren’t), that’s incredibly dangerous. Understand that your body has become accustomed to the toxins associated with drinking and drug abuse; that kind of sudden purging could easily cause lasting damage, shock, or even death.

Please, don’t let that deter your recovery journey! Just because it won’t be instantaneous doesn’t mean it has to be long and arduous. Here at Harbor Village our drug and alcohol detox program is designed to take no longer than one week, all the while utilizing medicinal aids to mitigate the negative side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Learn What Detox Does for Your Body

Knowing about the physical aspects of addiction and substance abuse can encourage your decision to commit to sobriety. Learning about the physical benefits of the detox stage of recovery cuts through the anxiety of taking your first steps into recovery.

Drug and alcohol detox is the beginning of healing. Your body wants to correct the damage caused by substance abuse; you simply need to allow it time and support through healthy habits. Research proves that no matter how long you may have lived with active addiction, detox and continued sobriety reduce your risks of cancers and other diseases associated with substance abuse.

Debunk the Detox Myths

Do you have to suffer through symptoms of withdrawal? No, absolutely not. You do not need to punish yourself through detox to  repent for things you may have done in your past. It’s also a myth that in order to stay sober you have to rely on prescriptions of Suboxone for the rest of your life. Detox and rehab isn’t about enduring something unpleasant; it’s a journey of self-discovery and reinvention.

Often we listen too closely to the horror stories of others who haven’t quite found success in sobriety yet. Please remember that everyone’s journey is different- you cannot base your future on their stories. Be open to the experience and keep your eyes on the goal.

Choose the Best Center for You

Detoxing on your own can work- it can. But it also poses a significant danger to your health, including being potentially lethal. Untreated withdrawal symptoms can be severe enough to cause heart problems, difficulty breathing, and seizures. That’s why it’s so important that the detox process is properly monitored and controlled by medical professionals.

A proper detox program begins with a physical examination and clinical interview to determine your personal needs throughout treatment. Medical staff gather information regarding your pre-existing medical conditions to ensure you are not only placed on the proper regimen for care, but that your health remains a number one priority. Harbor Village does just that.

Do your research thoroughly. Going into detox knowing what to expect and what treatment will entail helps smooth the process; going in blindly only leads to resentments and undue anguish.


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