Ways to Pay for Rehab

Cost of care should not be a deterrent for seeking treatment, but for thousands of people living check to check or without income, it is. This unfortunate reality impacts all aspects of healthcare, but when it comes to addiction and substance abuse things are further complicated. Frustration with inability to cover the costs often gets misdirected and placed on the treatment facilities, furthering distrust.

Rehabilitation and sobriety is life-saving: no one should have to weigh costs against living a better life.

At Harbor Village, we want to help. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 ways to pay for rehab.


Health insurance is the best option for covering the costs of treatment. Through the right coverage, you can receive the care you need with little to no cost to you. However, it is important to ensure your insurance plan includes rehabilitation services.

Unfortunately, most state insurances will not pay for rehabilitation for any number of reasons. If you are currently under state insurance, don’t give up: you can still find coverage through an affordable private insurance company that includes treatment for addiction.

If you need help, give us a call today and take advantage of our resources for finding affordable insurance!


Did you know you can receive federal assistance in paying for rehab? Yes!

As part of the national initiative to end substance abuse and correct the outreaching damage caused by it, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) established a hotline specifically for helping people in dire straits find effective, affordable care and gain government funding as necessary.


When we hear about financing options, it’s often in relation to large purchases like a car, home, or appliances. Did you realize that the option may also be available for paying for rehab? (Well of course you do now, it’s on our list ways to pay for rehab!)

Harbor Village is among the facilities that offer financing options to help keep costs from detouring your journey of recovery. With monthly payments to fit your budget, you can focus on building the life you deserve, not on costs.


It can be difficult turning to others in a time of need, but GoFundMe makes it possible to get the money you need from people who earnestly want to help you. You control everything from how much you are seeking (please don’t take advantage of others’ kindness) to how much information you put out there about why you need it.

GoFundMe can help with other expenses related to your recovery, too. You can start a campaign to raise money to move for a fresh start, or to help cover bills while you are focusing on healing. Plus, if it turns out you don’t need all the funds you raise, you can always pay it forward by donating to a worthy cause.


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