Three Signs Your Body Gives You That its Time to Quit Drinking

Making the decision to quit drinking alcohol isn’t a light undertaking. So many social events and celebrations revolve around alcohol use you may not even realize how deeply ingrained into your life it is until you try to quit drinking cold turkey. For heavy drinkers or those with an alcohol use problem, quitting cold turkey can be difficult or even dangerous undertaking. The best means to quit drinking alcohol if you believe you have a problem is with the help of a rehab center like Harbor Village. 

Like any addiction, alcoholism is a covert disease that tries to convince us there isn’t actually a problem. Perhaps you’re in that gray area of alcohol misuse where you don’t need it everyday, but when you do drink it gets a bit out of hand. Or maybe you do drink everyday but you still manage to take care of your responsibilities– what you do in your free time is no one’s business, right?

Not necessarily. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective for us to recognize the harmful habits and patterns that exist in our lives. Addiction can be difficult to recognize in ourselves. Sometimes the signs are right there in front of us and we just can’t see it.

Here are three signs your body gives you that it’s time to quit drinking.

Worsening Hangovers That Last Forever

Physical Signs It's Time to Stop Drinking

Does it seem like you can’t bounce back from hangovers as well as you used to? Yes, aging may be a factor, but don’t be so quick to brush the change off. Hangovers are actually symptoms of withdrawal, a sign your body can’t handle the level of alcohol you consumed the night before. While a single hangover doesn’t necessarily denote an alcohol use disorder, if it happens every time you decide to drink it may be time to quit drinking alcohol.

Craving Alcohol When Emotions are High

It’s common to see a character drowning their sorrows in a bottle of booze, but despite what the media depicts this isn’t a healthy or advisable way of coping with strong emotions. From despair to elation, there are a variety of heavy emotions that can trigger urges and cravings for alcohol use. If you find yourself reaching for a drink to cope with life’s challenges or navigate difficult emotions it may be time to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol.

Health Issues

Frequent or heavy alcohol use can wreak havoc on your body. From liver and kidney damage to impact on your hair, skin, and nails, the physical signs of damage caused by alcohol may be difficult to notice at first. In fact, you may notice cognitive effects like difficulty concentrating or memory issues before you notice physical changes. Ignoring symptoms like changes in urination, abdominal pain, jaundice, swelling in the feet and legs could lead to serious health complications. Alcohol use can lead to cirrhosis of the liver or even cancer. Don’t wait until its too late to quit drinking alcohol.

If you’ve experienced any of these potential signs of alcohol misuse or you’re concerned about a loved one’s drinking habits, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Early intervention can help prevent some of the more serious side effects of alcohol abuse. Call Harbor Village today for more information about your options.


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