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5 Sober Fun Activities You Can Do in South Florida (This Weekend!)

  • 5 Sober Fun Activities You Can Do in South Florida (This Weekend!)

    5 Sober Fun Activities You Can Do in South Florida (This Weekend!)

    Living a sober, drug-free life is more than just abstaining from illicit substance abuse. It’s about learning to have fun and enjoy life without the crutch of drugs or alcohol. Recognizing that you don’t need those things to have a good time makes it easier to leave behind your past and build your new life in prosperity. If you’re local to South Florida and looking for some fun activities you can do this weekend, we’re here to help! Here’s our top 5 sober fun activities you can do in South Florida!


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    Kayaking/Paddle Boating at TY Park

    TY park is a staple in South Florida, especially for people living in the Hollywood/Dania Beach area. It’s expansive grounds include camping areas, 1+ mile long walking and jogging trail, outdoor fitness area, rentable pavilions, a water park, and a beautiful lake perfect for kayaking and paddle boating. Entrance to the park is a small fee of $1.50 per person (6 years and older), or $8 per vehicle if carrying six to nine occupants. For maximum value, $20 will gain you admission to the park for a large vehicle with 10 or more occupants.

    Once you’re in the park, rental for the paddle boats, kayaks, standing paddle boats, and row boats begin at $10 for an hour, $15 for 2 hours, and $25 for four hours. Split the costs with friends and make an day out of being on the water. It’s a good exercise, good bonding activity, and a great way to slow down and relax for a while.


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    Beach Yoga

    If you’re in South Florida, you’re never more than 15 miles from a beach. Why not take advantage of our close proximity to natural beauty by incorporating it into some self-care this weekend? Combining the peaceful warmth and waves with the meditative practice of yoga helps you regain your center and calm. A quick google search can show you exactly where guided beach yoga sessions are being held in South Florida, but a few popular ones are:


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    Visit Catsby at Second Edition Bookstore!

    If you’ve got a love for books and cats, then Second Edition is going to become your new favorite place in South Florida! Not only is this hidden away gem a paradise for book lovers looking for incredible deals, but their claim to fame is a friendly little Hemingway cat named Catsy. Yes, as in the Great Catsby.

    Stop by Second Edition to uncover some old favorites or find a new series to indulge in while hanging out with one incredibly unique kitty. Seriously, I have cat allergies but I am willing endure some sniffles and itchiness because Catsby is the best. Plus, some of my favorite second-hand books have been purchased at Second Edition, so it’s a win for everyone!


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    Watch Sea Turtles Hatch!

    This late summer, early fall transitional season is sea turtle hatching time! Between March and October the beaches of South Florida welcome thousands of sea turtle who travel to our shores to lay their eggs for the next generation. Around this time of year we also begin to see the first batches of new sea turtle hatching and making their way to the waters.

    While we certainly don’t want to interfere too greatly in that natural process, organizations like Sea Turtle Oversight Protection are committed to protecting the young hatchlings from being impacted by human beach activity. You can join in their efforts and possibly witness the breathtaking migration by volunteering to help the cause. Beach monitoring occurs in shifts, with most of the action happening overnight or in the early mornings, so make sure you’re well-rested if you decide to volunteer. Otherwise, purchase a ticket to support the organization and gain a front row seat for anticipated hatch sightings!


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    Explore Japanese Gardens at Morikami

    Immerse yourself in Japanese art and culture at the beautiful Morikami Gardens in Boca Raton. The expansive gardens include zen gardens, centennial Bonsai trees, a life-sized replica of a traditional Japanese home, and more to discover and explore. For people further into South Florida, the trip up to Boca is definitely worth it just to take in the beauty and tranquility Morikami has to offer. Relax by the koi pond or participate in a Japanese tea ceremony. The walking trails at Morikami are also great for getting a bit of exercise in, too!

    If you’re planning a trip to Morikami, rates are between $9 and $15 per person, with special rates for events like the annual Lantern Light Festival and Japanese culture celebrations. Morikami is also a stunning event location weddings, family reunions, birthday parties and the like, though you would need to set up a reservation. If you have a group for this weekend, consider taking advantage of group packages for tours and demos.

    Do you have any sober fun plan for this weekend? Leave them in the comment section!

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