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Artistic Expression May Help Your Sobriety

  • Artistic Expression May Help Your Sobriety

    Artistic Expression May Help Your Sobriety

    Artistic expression is not limited to cheesy romance novels and Lifetime movies. Artists use their works to document their life experiences whether it be a paint stroke, a poem, or a song. More times than not, you can listen to the words of your favorite song and exclaim that you have felt the same way once in your life. Why not be the creative outlet for someone who may be going through the same predicament as you? In a time where the words to say may be hard to find, use art to express yourself.


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    Why Should I Give Art a Try?

    The idea of what is considered art has changed considerably over the course of its history. You do not need to be the next Picasso to express yourself. Your own experiences may be difficult to go from your thoughts to practice and this is a perfect opportunity to exercise this form of nonverbal communication. With mediums such as painting, illustration, dance, sculpture, and performance art, the possibilities are endless. Outlets like these are perfect for channeling energies into productive new activities. In a time where your mind is full of all sorts of ideas, why not get them down on paper?


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    Benefits of Art When You’re Healing

    Like we’ve mentioned, you do not have to be great at art to do it. The act of completing a work of art in and of itself is pretty darn rewarding. Other than the mental pat on the back, it has great health benefits as well. Just 45 minutes of artistic expression can reduce a rather large amount of stress. A study completed found that when a group of 39 adults ages 18-59 completed projects of their own with a level of artistry referred to as “limited.” At the end of the experiment, researchers concluded that over 75 percent of the participants had lower cortisol levels. It is well understood that sobriety comes with its challenges and stress is high on those charts so why not give it a chance?


    What is your favorite creative outlet? Is it singing, dancing, painting, or something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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