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(Update) Did We Make a Mistake? Kratom May Be an Opiate: Broward County Decides Not to Ban Kratom

  • (Update) Did We Make a Mistake? Kratom May Be an Opiate: Broward County Decides Not to Ban Kratom

    (Update) Did We Make a Mistake? Kratom May Be an Opiate: Broward County Decides Not to Ban Kratom

    Update: June 9th, 2016
    Did Broward County make a mistake in deciding not to ban Kratom?
    New studies on Kratom Addiction  reveal the substance binds to critical opiate receptors associated with addiction to traditional opiate medications- and synthetic opiate substances. Six states have reported kratom substance use disorders. Kratom addiction is thus far attributed to mitragynine. Outwardly mitragynine is a lesser opiate, but within the brain, researchers speculate concentrated mitragynine may become more potent, causing kratom substance use disorders.


    As kratom sparks alarm nationwide, Broward County in South Florida considered regulating the drug, and banning its use after the suicide of 20 year old Ian Mautner. His mother claimed that his kratom addiction may have contributed to the deterioration of his mental and physical health. One of Mautner’s neighbors asked Broward county commissioners to ban the addictive substance, but the motion has been denied until further evidence suggests its danger to public health. Kristen Jacobs, who proposed the ban, argues kratom mirrors the effects of other illicit substances, and questions the commission’s decision not to ban kratom, according to the Sun Sentinel.

    Sarasota also considered banning the addictive substance, but decided to hold off on making a ruling until more research could be explored. The Broward County commission noted that they would revisit the possible ban of kratom in the months to come. A medical examiner declared that kratom is not a public threat- in spite of the US Military’s ban of the drug. In fact the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has placed kratom on its watch list, and reserved the right to “detain products that contain ingredients found in it” according to the Sun Sentinel.

    Drug addiction specialists are warning the public to steer clear of the substance, as it allegedly causes withdrawal symptoms that can rival or exceed the perils of heroin withdrawal. The Sun Sentinel notes, “Doctors and people in the substance abuse recovery business implored commissioners to ban kratom, saying it’s harder to withdrawal from than heroin.”

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