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Marijuana Edibles: 6 Ways to Protect Your Children

  • Marijuana Edibles: 6 Ways to Protect Your Children

    Marijuana Edibles: 6 Ways to Protect Your Children

    Children Are Ingesting Edible Marijuana, and Getting Sick

    Rejoicing in the many new marijuana cookbooks? Of course you are- in states where recreational use of MJ is legal, right? Well, if you’re a parent, seriously consider purchasing a locking mechanism to store your marijuana edibles in to protect children. In Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, hospital admissions of young children who ingested marijuana edibles has doubled.

    Whether store-bought or made at home, toddlers and children are confusing happy cookies for cookies laced with weed. Marijuana edibles are meant to be “enjoyed” in small doses, as the levels of THC are typically quite potent. But to a child, a cookie is a cookie.

    “The scary thing about this stuff is it looks like breakfast items or dessert items or soda pop,” Sgt. Jim Gerhardt, of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association, told ABC 7 at the time of the freezer cookies incident. “So, the element of confusion for kids is tremendous.”

    The marijuana prohibition continues to wane around the country. In these times of change parents must endeavor to protect their children from accidental ingestion- just as one does with an alcohol pantry.

    How to Store Marijuana Edibles and Medicinal Weed

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    1) Consider purchasing a lock box for your refrigerator (or freezer). If you don’t want to get too fancy, a toolbox with a fitting for a lock would do the trick.

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    2) Lock drawers are great for bedrooms.

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    3) Invest in a locking drawer, for the kitchen or “rec” room.

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    4) Show children your marijuana edibles and explain to them they are not allowed to touch them. And why. The “Why” is the most effective component. Educating children is the number one means of prevention. Should your efforts to secret your stash fail, you’ll have one more layer of protection.

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    5) Don’t think you’re safe just because you place something in a high place- you’ve seen the YouTube videos of children constructing all kinds of make-shift ladders with chairs, kiddy toys, and strange objects. If you opt to place something “out of reach” fool-proof with resistance; shall we say, Velcro?

    Place your edibles in a box and Velcro that sucker to the top of your cabinet.

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    6) Remember, you may not have to go out and spend any money on locking devices, you most likely already have them around your home: bike locks, padlocks, chains, locking nightstands, a diary (cut a square in the pages), duct tape (annoying, but it’ll work in a pinch– secure a Tupperware, or box), medicine cabinets, or maybe the glove-box (ensure to check all laws regarding vehicles and edibles in your state).

    Have any mommy/daddy hacks to hide your stash that you want to share?

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