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#ChickenTrump Albuquerque Trump Riots; What Donald Trump Thinks About Your Addiction

  • #ChickenTrump Albuquerque Trump Riots; What Donald Trump Thinks About Your Addiction

    #ChickenTrump Albuquerque Trump Riots; What Donald Trump Thinks About Your Addiction

    #ChickenTrump Albuquerque Trump Riots; What Donald Trump Thinks About Your Addiction image

    Trump by Michael Vadon licensed under CC by 2.0

    Update: 5/30

    If Albuquerque riots weren’t enough, Trump is presently skirting debating with Bernie Sanders. Yes, Trump  is running away from Bernie. He doesn’t want to, #FeeltheBern. 

    I’m stopping.

    Trump’s trepidation allegedly stems from not wanting to entertain Bernie Sanders because he is “second” to Hillary Clinton- and that doing so would be “inappropriate.”

    Uh huh.

    The internet and media are so hungry for the debate several companies agreed to fund Trump’s last ditch attempt to avoid debating Bernie Sanders by stipulating the debate must raise millions for charity purposes.

    The money is there. But Trump still refuses.


    Update 5/25
    Trump riots strike again, this time in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Protesters opposing Trump held up signs reading “Trump Is Fascist, We’ve Heard Enough!” Trump responded in his usual “style,” sending protesters “home to mommy” with help from his security. Trump zombies chanted “Build that Wall” during the riots.
    Trump: “The protesters in new Mexico were thugs who were flying the Mexican flag. The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!”
    Because of the violent nature of these particular protesters, who were allegedly throwing rocks, flaming T shirts, garbage, and debris into the convention center and injuring officers attempting to keep the peace- no one will hear their message, or be taken seriously.
    Effective protesting must be peaceful. Otherwise, the entire world is deafened and blinded. It looks like the zombies won this round.

    No weed. No alcohol. No coffee.

    That’s Donald Trump’s life- or so he says, purports On the Issues. How the mighty “Legalize all drugs” radical has fallen. Once touting the legalization of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and the like, Trump declared taking the power away from drug dealers would put a timely end to the War on Drugs. But Trump’s tune has changed drastically since then:

    In 2015 when Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use Trump opposed the sanction. and feels “strongly about that.”

    But, what about legalizing all drugs to end the War on Drugs, Trumpo?

    Which is it?

    #ChickenTrump Albuquerque Trump Riots; What Donald Trump Thinks About Your Addiction image

    Trump’s Hair from Above Behind by BostonJerry licensed under CC By 3.0

    I’m not sure Trump knows how to feel about your addiction. He’s confused. It’s probably the toupee.

    Thus far the presidential hopeful (cringe) hasn’t taken an open stand on illicit substances or addiction, other than supporting medical marijuana “100%.” Trump believes states should have the right to legalize recreational marijuana by popular vote.

    But what about the federal ban on marijuana?

    No one wants to talk about that. (Well, Obama kind of talked about that.)

    This is pure speculation, but I would assume someone who refuses to drink coffee is hyper sensitive about addiction wherever it may lie. Trump’s strange coffee abstinence is most likely attributed to the death of his brother, which was alcohol induced.

    Fred Jr. passed away in 1981 at 42, and would often warn Trump, “Don’t drink ever,” according to People. Perhaps in light of Trump’s family tragedy he secrets compassion for those with substance use disorders.

    If he does, he remains reticent. (Unhelpful!)

    Perhaps in the days to come we’ll unveil Trump’s stance on those afflicted by addiction. Until then, you may continue being disgusted with everything spewing out of his gasping mouth.


    Let’s take votes, what do you think Trump’s stance on addiction will be in 2016?

    Featured image: Trump by Donkey Hotey  licensed under CC by 2.0


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