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Woody Harrelson Seeks to Open Marijuana Dispensary- Hawaii Says No

It’s an ‘a’ole for Woody Harrelson’s marijuana dispensary from Hawaii (that’s no, in Hawaiian.)

The action movie star and comedian placed a bid to open his own medical marijuana dispensary earlier this year, a few months after the bill to legalize medical marijuana was passed in Hawaii. A long time activist for the legalization of marijuana and a standing member of the advisory board for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Harrelson was among 60 applicants seeking to take advantage of a budding industry.

“Woody Harrelson in 2007” by David Shankbone. Licensed under CC by 3.0.

He was not alone in being denied a license to open his marijuana dispensary: only 8 of the 60 applicants were approved. That’s only 13.3 percent. To say Hawaii is being careful with who they approve or not is an understatement.

As for those who were approved: three approvals stemmed from Honolulu in Oahu, two on the Big Island, an additional two in Maui, and one on Kauai.

The strict selective process exemplified in Hawaii is not without reason. In states across the country that have legalized marijuana is some way or another, law enforcement agencies have been struggling to crack down on those taking advantage of medical marijuana dispensaries. That includes people who are illegally gaining medical marijuana licenses or continue to sell marijuana outside of the legal constructs.

Woody is only the latest celebrity to get into the marijuana industry. Just a few weeks ago I told you about Whoopi Goldberg’s line of marijuana-infused products to help women with menstrual cramps and pains, and other celebrities have lent their names to similar products, including Mary Etheridge’s marijuana-infused wines.

While there are certainly medical applications for marijuana, and people can benefit from medical marijuana dispensaries, it would seem they won’t be able to get their medical products from Woody Harrelson.

Do you think celebrity endorsements of marijuana products will help the legal marijuana industry? Comment below with your thoughts!

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