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When You Feel Defeated

Some days are just… horrible. Sometimes it seems like the days drag on, raining down punch after punch, kick after kick. We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders and we just can’t carry it any more. It’s overwhelming, anxiety inducing, and leaves you feeling worthless and defeated. But here’s the thing: you’re not. As long as you get back up and keep moving forward, the battle continues.

When you feel defeated, I want you to remember a few things:

This is temporary. It’s okay to rest for a moment, but don’t give up and don’t move backwards. Take this time to figure out your next move; attack the problem from another angle. Recruit the help of people you love and trust- they’re there for a reason. Roadblocks in your recovery are there to be overcome, not to hinder you.

You don’t have to carry this weight alone. You may have to walk your recovery journey on your own feet and with your own merit, but that doesn’t mean no one else is there with you. There are others walking this same road, some of whom are a little bit farther. Lean on their wisdom; absorb what they have to teach you, be encouraged.

Don’t forget about those walking with you, either. You have a support system in your family and friends. You have counselors and therapists for help working through the emotional difficulty, but they can still help you carry the burden. Don’t let pride hold you captive.

One day you will look back on this and either be proud or be thankful. You have a choice to make: will you power through or will you succumb? Either way, there’s a lesson here: you have the power to sway the direction of your life. You can be proud that you dug in deep and found that inner strength to overcome this feeling of defeat or you can be thankful for the moment of clarity teaching you what you need to move forward.

It’s all about perspective. Distance and time will show you that what seemed like a mountain was nothing more than a skipping stone to carry further in your recovery journey.


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What do you do when you are feeling defeated by life’s challenges? How do you maintain your sobriety? Let us know in the comments!

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