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What Does Recovery Look Like? Photo Contest for National Recovery Month

If you didn’t know already, it’s National Recovery Month! September is the time to celebrate recovering from substance abuse- and if you’re still an active user, it’s the time to be inspired to share your addiction stories and get lively support from an active, engaged community. This Recovery Month it’s imperative YOU get in the action by helping to allay the stigma surrounding the disease!

But how?

Share your stories! Get it all out, and let the world into your bubble. The conversation about addiction won’t start to change unless we interject our own experiences about what addiction actually is. There’s a lot of speculation and stereotyping, but we can rage against them by exposing addiction for what it really is.

To do this we’re hosting a contest open to everyone who has ever been touched by addiction, whether you’re still using, long recovered, or are a family member who has watched a loved one struggle through the disease. We want to hear your stories and end the stigma– that’s why we launched the What Does Recovery Look Like? photo contest. Show us at your best, your worst and everything in between.

Like iPad Minis? We do too. That’s why its the first prize for What Does Recovery Look Like? But we also like Beats, so we’re giving away urbeats earbuds as a second prize for the best, thoughtful, and provocative stories- so don’t cheat yourself! Let it all out.



To enter all you have to do is:



1. SNAP a picture of your recovery journey and tell us about your recovery or addiction story.

2. LIKE us on Instagram & Facebook then

3. TAG #HarborVillageRecovery in your picture and post on Instagram or Facebook

4. INVITE 3 of your friends to join in

5. VOTE for your favs on our Voting Page


And that’s it. You can read the full rules here and visit our main contest page.

Snap a picture and tag us in it RIGHT NOW!

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