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West Virginia Proposes Adding Drugs To Its Roadside Testing

The nation’s highest state with drug overdoses, West Virginia has proposed changing state law to have drug testing added to its alcohol roadside screening. One in ten adults in the state have a drug problem and the testing would help authorities would assist in bringing abusers to justice.

West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin is proposing changing state law to allow police officers the legal right to test drivers for drugs just as they test them for alcohol. Currently, the laws in West Virginia allow only for alcohol testing, but the new legislation proposed would permit police to test drivers for drugs.

In West Virginia, the statewide drugged driving problem is very significant. About 1,000 drivers or 10% of those arrested for DUI, were arrested throughout the state last year on suspicion of drugged driving.

As most people are aware, if a drunk driver refuses to submit to an alcohol test, it’s the same as failing a test when introduced as evidence in court. The legislation that Governor Tomblin proposes will apply the same type of law to drug tests.

Bob Tipton, the state’s director of highway safety, announced that certain officers will receive training to serve as experts in drug recognition. These officers would administer examinations by testing vitals such as pulse rate and blood pressure as well as pupil dilation. If the officer determines that the driver is operating his/her vehicle under the influence of drugs, they could proceed to additional testing involving urine and blood samples.

Tomblin asserted that police officers would have more power so that when “drivers who are under the influence of drugs are pulled over, they can be properly identified, tested, and removed from our roadways.”

Those suffering from the harmful effects of drug abuse can lose their family, job, home and material possessions. Now with roadside drug testing on the horizon, the the abuser can face serious consequences. Both drug and alcohol addicts should seek the caring, professional help a detox facility can provide. Located in sunny South Florida in a beautiful setting, Harbor Village enables each client to experience 24/7 detoxification in an upscale, state-of-the art environment. From day one, each client enjoys the comfort of luxury accommodations including an attractively furnished suite complete with satellite television, an acre of scenic outdoor lounge area, salon, spa and massage services, acupuncture treatment, nutritious, gourmet dining and a personalized program designed for each client’s specific problem. For more information, please call 855-DETOX-00.

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