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Wendy Williams on Son’s Synthetic Marijuana Addiction- “He Got Turned Out.”

Controversial talk show host and radio personality Wendy Williams (married name Wendy Hunter) is no stranger to the life of an addict. The 51 year old has spoken openly and honestly about her drug use throughout her twenties and thirties. After the passing of Whitney Houston, Williams broke down on her talk show when speaking about her former habits and her desire to have met Houston as a sister in sobriety rather than report on her death. She credits her recovery and sobriety to meeting her husband at her 30th birthday party and falling in love.

Unfortunately, the demon of addiction has crept back into her life through an unexpected source: her 14 year old son, Kevin Jr.

On the seventh season premiere of her talk show, Wendy spoke about the difficulties of her summer including a demanding travel schedule, strenuous business obligations, and dealing with the revelation that her son was addicted to “Spice”, the street name for K2 synthetic marijuana.

Madame Noire recaps the New Jersey native’s feelings on the ordeal: “I was duped. Our kid had been smoking this mess. He got turned out… to the point where he went off the rails for a moment.”

Reportedly Kevin Jr’s drug use came to light after Williams and her husband discovered synthetic marijuana in his bedroom. She explained that he was able to keep his addiction a secret by using an electronic cigarette that produced no odor or smoke. Thankfully Kevin Jr’s parents were able to step in and immediately intervene. The young teenager was sent out of the country over the summer for holistic treatment.

“Spice Synthetic Substance” by US Drug Enforcement Agency. Licensed under Public Domain.

People often overlook the dangers of synthetic marijuana, assuming it is both safe and legal. New Jersey, where the Hunter family resides, instated a ban on the sale and manufacturing of synthetic marijuana in 2013 due to the dangers of its use. Possible side effects include seizures, brain damage, heart and respiratory problems including heart attack, suicidal thoughts and actions, and death. The ease of access for teens and young adults has resulted in K2-related deaths tripling this year alone.

As for how Kevin Jr gained access to the drug? He was exposed by “a loved one he looked up to,” Williams explained, clearly angry and near tears on her own show. Williams has proved in the past that she is fiercely protective of her only child after years of struggling to conceive and miscarriages. She begged parents to be open with conversations concerning “Spice” or K2 use and to be aware. She reports that Kevin Jr is now in recovery for his scrape with addiction and in a good place.

Featured image: “Wendy Williams in June 2005” by Nehrams2020. Licensed under CC by 3.0.

What do you think about Wendy’s candid openness about her son’s recent battle with addiction? Let us know in the comments!

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