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Very Difficult To Manage, Vicodin Addiction Can Be Deadly

The use of narcotic drugs such as Vicodin has increased sharply over the last ten years. What begins as a pain killer can result in a serious dependency.

Vicodin is also a Hydrocodone based drug that is known by many other brand names. It is used for many purposes including oral pain, headaches, muscular discomfort and for treating coughs.  Unfortunately, the illicit uses of Vicodin has seen a tremendous increase in recent years.

Growing trends in Vicodin use include:

  • Many prescription drug addicts have reported a dependency on other narcotics as well.
  • Those residing in Midwest and non-urban areas are showing the largest increases of narcotic usage.
  • A direct correlation exists between those who can afford to pay for their medical treatment and those requesting pain killers as a form of treatment. Consequently, an addiction to Vicodin often results.
  • Patients report head and neck pains most when requesting Vicodin prescriptions from their doctors.
  • More patients are using Vicodin than Oxycodone.
  • When drug abusers become addicted to Vicodin and then attempt to stop, the withdrawal symptoms can turn deadly.
  • In more and more instances, Vicodin abuse begins by those already suffering from alcohol drinking issues. In fact, when an individual is an alcoholic, the chances of he/she becoming addicting to narcotics like Vicodin greatly increases.

Vicodin or other narcotics should not be used to treat chronic pain, as the potential addiction is very challenging to control and recovery is very difficult. Vicodin should never be taken with alcohol – a warning that must be heeded or severe consequences may result.

Prescription drugs are a leading cause of addiction in this country with Vicodin abuse rising at alarming rates. To overcome this horrible dependency that can cost you everything, seek professional assistance by contacting a detox facility. Located in sunny South Florida, Harbor Village enables each client to experience 24/7 detoxification in a luxury, state-of-the art environment. Clients enjoy upscale accommodations including a beautifully furnished suite complete with satellite television, an acre of outdoor lounge area, salon, spa and massage services, acupuncture treatment, healthy, gourmet dining and a results proven individualized plan for recovery. Harbor Village is your prescription for recovery. For more information, please call 855-DETOX-00.

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