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Using Instagram to Boost Your Recovery!

I’ve touched on this before, but I really do believe that social media has the potential to be a powerful tool for addiction recovery. Social media brings together people who otherwise would never meet or know each other’s love and support. While it is wonderful that some people have strong personal support systems full of family members and friends, not everyone has that. Being able to seek receive that kind of support through another enhances their recovery and proves, no matter what, we are not alone.

When it comes to social media and the addiction recovery community, Instagram is a godsend. With just an image, a caption, and a few choice hashtags you can share your story, your current experiences, and be connected to others who understand. A quick search brings together thousands of stories and inspirational images for tough days and joy and celebration for milestones- no matter how big or small.

You have absolute control over how much or how little of your life you want to share, but I encourage you to see the value in sharing. Someone, one day, will be in your position looking for a friendly face and a bit of encouragement. Be that person they need.

New to Instagram? It’s easy: you can set up your account with an email or log in with your existing Facebook account. Add an image, a caption, and a few hashtags, such as:

Be sure to follow your friends and websites that provide support, educational material, and sober fun tips (like us!) And don’t limit yourself to Instagram! Twitter, Facebook, even Snapchat can be great for your journey- just be sure you’re mindful and keep your recovery as a priority.

Who do you follow on Instagram to enhance your recovery? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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