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4 Unconventional Jobs You Can Work While in Outpatient Treatment

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Your financial obligations and responsibilities shouldn’t stand in the way of your journey to overcome substance abuse, yet for many it does. Being unable to enter a traditional inpatient rehab program due to responsibilities at home doesn’t have to end your recovery before it begins. Outpatient rehab services provide you the care you need to live a healthier life while still allowing you to continue take care of your home and family.

That being said, the bills don’t stop just because you’re undergoing a personal life transformation. Balancing work and outpatient treatment can be difficult with traditional 9 to 5 jobs, but you still need an income source to support yourself and your family. That’s where these 5 unconventional jobs come in handy: their flexible scheduling and high earning potential are perfect for anyone undergoing outpatient addiction recovery care.


Join the wave of the future and become your own boss by driving for Uber! This personal driving giant is changing the way we travel. It’s so popular, many taxi companies are struggling to compete. Driving for Uber allows you to set your own hours around your meetings and therapy sessions. With Uber you can drive and earn any time you’d like- just turn on your app and begin your shift! You have the option of selecting which rides you accept as well as what areas you drive in, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally encountering environmental triggers. Plus, with Uber you can have your pay deposited whenever you need it, which is great for sudden expenses.


  • Make your own schedule
  • Drive whenever you have free time
  • Same day pay option
  • Meet interesting new people every day
  • Get paid to explore your city


  • Mandatory commercial driving insurance
  • Earnings may fluctuate depending on local demand
  • Increase in gas bill and car maintenance (servicing, car washes, etc.)


Lyft is Uber’s largest direct competitor, offering marginally lower rates for riders and driver perks such as in-app tipping. Lyft also allows you to be paid the same day, select rides, and maintain your recovery journey. You can even drive for both companies to maximize your earning potential! As unconventional jobs go, driving for Lyft is a fun way to earn money while still keeping your commitment to sober living a priority.


You’ve heard of meal subscription boxes that bring you healthy eating options straight to your door- Instacart took that concept to the next level. Instacart is a grocery delivery service that allows you to order exactly what you need and want and have it delivered directly to your door- sometimes in as little as an hour! Working for Instacart is simple: you select where you shop and your hours ahead of time so you can set your schedule around any obligations and responsibilities you may have. The shopper app also usefully shows you your earnings and the range for potential earnings so you know how many hours you need to work. If things come up or you need a day to yourself, no worries: you can cancel your hours up to 6 hours in advance without penalty. After that you may incur a reliability strike, of which you are allowed 5 in 30 work days. Instacart also provides certain incentives such as bonuses for taking orders at certain stores, working large orders, or delivering far orders.


  • Weekly pay with in-app ability to see your exact earnings
  • Pay incentives for accepting certain orders
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Potential to earn cash tips on top of your wages
  • Bonuses for providing excellent service
  • No vehicle inspections or special insurance required (must be insured)
  • Shopper support available in case of order issues or emergencies
  • Direct line of communication with customers throughout the process


  • Time sensitive orders may be stressful to some
  • Increase in gas bill and car maintenance (servicing, car washes, etc.)
  • Fluctuating demand may affect earnings
  • New company- may not be available in all areas


Getting into the high-demand grocery delivery industry allows you the flexibility of choosing who you shop for. Shipt is a grocery delivery service that offers the same perks as Instacart. As an unconventional job, Shipt provides the perfect balance between the flexibility and structure you need for your recovery journey.

What unconventional jobs do you think are perfect for people in recovery? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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