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3 Easy Ways to Raise Awareness This National Recovery Month!

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September is National Recovery Month, the time of year we dedicate to celebrating second chances at life and encourage others to pursue their own journeys of addiction recovery. At Harbor Village, we celebrate National Recovery Month through community engagements, outreach resources, and collaborations to raise awareness and prove that live beyond addiction is possible. We do our part because we believe in our mission to end the substance abuse epidemic and bring hope and healing to those in need.

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Spreading awareness isn’t just up to treatment facilities and support groups, though! Anyone and everyone should do what they can to challenge the social stigmas surrounding addiction and promote recovery. This National Recovery Month, do your part with these 3 easy to raise awareness:


#1: Use Social Media

You already log into your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat on a daily basis. Use one or all of you accounts as a beacon for the recovery message! Facebook features a profile picture frame you can use to commemorate National Recovery Month as well as dozens of Live events hosted by recovery groups and pages. Join in the conversation and invite others to reach as many open eyes and ears as possible.

You can also use your social media to share as much or as little of your personal story as you want. Rather you want to share a video telling your story or simply post your own sober/clean date, any contribution you make helps to give addiction recovery a familiar face. This makes it easier to comprehend for those who have never experienced addiction, promoting unity in our mission to end substance abuse.


#2: Contact Your Local and State Government

Social media can only take your message so far- and it likely won’t reach the ears of the people that can make the most significant changes. That’s when it’s time to take initiative and communicate with your local and state government. Contact emails and phone numbers for mayors, governors, and and congressional representatives are public information; be sure the people who represent you are working in your best interest. While it’s easy to assume you aren’t and won’t be heard, it’s still incredibly important that you speak out anyway. The more people who demand attention and answers, the more difficult it is to ignore this pressing issue.

Be sure you approach any communication efforts you make with your local or state government properly. Communicate your concerns clearly, concisely, and respectfully. Ask what their plan is to address the substance abuse epidemic, don’t point fingers or make threats. Share your story and explain why you think their support of the recovery community is so important. You never know- your message can be the one that changes things.


#3: Support Advocacy Organizations

Many voices together will always be louder than the voice of one. Joining in to strengthen the messages of addiction recovery advocacy organizations helps make them more visible. Together, you and other supporters can help turn the tides in the efforts to make the addiction epidemic a thing of the past. Look for events in your area that commemorate National Recovery Month or raise awareness for clean and sober living. If none exist near you, consider creating one yourself. People in every corner of this nation need help in overcoming addiction; you can be the beacon of light that shows them the way.

What other means of raising awareness for National Recovery Month can you think of? Comment below with your suggestions!

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