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Pranic Healing for Holistic Drug Rehab: ERs Are Doing It, Why Aren’t We?

Pranic Healing & Reiki, Do They Actually Help?

St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center’s ER sees hundreds of accidental overdose victims cycle in and out of their medical facility weekly. Dr. LePietra’s personal mission is to reduce the use of addictive opiate drugs by ER doctors and nurses for pain. She regaled the medical industry’s over-reliance on opiate derived substances creates a linear thinking for both practitioners and patients accustomed to living with chronic conditions. Dr. LePietra sent her team across the nation to learn alternative tools in which to address chronic pain in the ER room. Pranic Healing happens to be one of them; a form of vibrational energy healing focused on aligning a patient’s energy centers (sometimes called chakras) to mend disturbances in the physical body.

(The ER also has a therapy harp!)

Nurse Mrs. Lauren Khalifeh picked up the vibrational treatment art of pranic healing and applied her new-found skill to treat a patient riddled with chronic sciatica. Doubled over in pain from her condition, the woman was unable to stand and was tethered to her bed, contorted in agony. Mrs. Khalifeh, confident pranic healing would help her patient, immediately set herself up to treat the agonized woman. Dr. LePietra observed from afar.  

Mrs. Khalifeh asked her patient to place her hands in a “receptive” position: arms resting with palms up. As she “swept” negative energy from her patient and glided into the stages of pranic healing- involving a salt cleansing and hovering her hands over her patient’s heart- Khalifeh asked the impossible of her patient: to stand.

Dr. LePietra observed, tight lipped. To her amazement, the patient was able to walk directly to her, from the hospital bed she was just minutes ago fettered to from debilitating pain. She announced the pain is “much better, now it’s a five.” In the course of a handful of minutes our pranic healer masterfully quelled her patient’s pain to a three out of ten.

Six minutes, to be exact.

Pranic Healing Over Opiates?

Dr. LaPietra struggled to explain the undeniable success of pranic healing, despite her medical training:

“I saw a patient with anxiety and stress who couldn’t control her pain, and then someone spoke soothingly, and led her into deep breathing.”
“So much of pain is tied up with fear. We can do more than we think, if we can just take the time to sit with patients and let them know we’re present for them.”
“And when we can get it right, why not, especially if we don’t have to use opioids?”

What do you want to know about pranic healing?

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