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Pennsylvania Mother Injects 14 Year Old Daughter & 16 Year Old Boyfriend with Heroin

In a harrowing admittance from Jessica Lynn Riffey (34), Riffey openly recalls injecting her daughter (14) with heroin, along with her 16 year old boyfriend, behind the doors of their home in Chester County, Pa.

Police officers searched the Riffey residence after being tipped off from a source- that was not disclosed- regarding the possible intenible environment of her trailer home, according to Fox 8. Riffey has allegedly given her daughter and boyfriend heroin at least three times- yet her daughter claims Riffey lead both her and her boyfriend into her room to take the drug on numerous occasions.

Riffey’s boyfriend, Jameson Burn (33) was arrested for dealing drugs and other drug related offences. Riffey’s daughter alleges Burn openly gave her and her boyfriend heroin, which they ended up snorting.

Branding thought or reason into this particular event is beyond me. Instead of reacting with my emotions, I had to take a moment to consider the spectrum of addiction, and that the disease profanes one’s ability to make rational decisions, and literally marrs the brain’s biological chemistry.

Even so, willfully injecting your child with heroin seems a stretch, even for one who is suffering from chronic addiction. In an attempt not to pass judgement, I will offer the following:

Without immediate treatment of a substance use disorder, it’s well known one’s actions, thoughts, and feelings wildly deviate from typical behavior. When children grow up in environments of drug use and abuse, they assimilate drug use and addiction to their lives, because for them it’s normal.

Without details, or direct quotes from Riffey’s daughter and boyfriend, it’s hard to speculate what went on in their home, but from the small rendering of the police report we have access to, it sounds like a living hell.

Riffey was charged with endangering the welfare of children, corruption of minors, and drug delivery chargers. Other drug related charges may be pending.

Unfortunately, what we do know of heroin is that its ability to create both a physical and psychological addiction early on. Teens in need of drug addiction treatment are typically harder to rehabilitate as compared to adults, as teenagers are still developing- and much of the brain is still growing. These factors make it difficult for teens not to act on their impulses, which is often to leave treatment before they are ready to go.

We pray this is not the case with Riffey’s daughter and her boyfriend.


Do you have any first-hand experience with teenage rehabilitation? What did you struggle with?


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