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Pay It Forward: Giving Back in Addiction Recovery

September is National Recovery Month! Each year we take this time out to celebrate those on the path of recovery, promote change, and encourage understanding and compassion within our communities. This is a time to reach out as a beacon in the fight to end stigmas, and combat misconceptions about what addiction is and what means to be in recovery.

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Rather you are directly affected by the substance abuse epidemic, a family member or friend, or just want to support the addiction recovery community for another reason, now is the time to make your voice heard!

Why? Well, without people who are willing to put themselves out there and represent the addiction recovery initiative, the battle will go nowhere. Society will continue to ignore the issue of substance abuse or place blame on those with substance abuse disorders. We will continue to hear things like “if they wanted to stop, they would” or other judgements on one’s character or moral standings based on this disease.

Just as cancers, heart disease, and diabetes have allotted times throughout the year to raise awareness, we need to recognize September as National Recovery Month in order to knock down the barriers between those in need and life-saving treatment. That means attending addiction recovery events, speaking at public forums promoting change, and contact your local government to speak out. It can also mean visiting schools, community centers, or other spaces where you can inquire on ways you can help prevent substance abuse in our youth.

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National Recovery Month is all about paying it forward. Be the voice you needed in your low and vulnerable moments; stand for those who cannot yet stand for themselves. Help be the safety net that prevents another tragic and unnecessary death. Be a part of the change.

What will you do this September to pay it forward for National Recovery Month? Comment below and share to inspire others!

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