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Parents Use Heroin as ‘Feel Good Medicine’ for 3 Children

I’ve noted before that there seems to be an alarming trend of parents or guardians overdosing on heroin in front of their children, but this takes that horror a step further.

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Two Washington parents stand accused of using heroin on their three children- referred to as ‘feel good medicine’ by their six year old son.

24 year old Ashlee Hutt and 25 year old Mac Leroy McIver are facing multiple charges including assault on a child in the second degree, criminal mistreatment in the second degree, and unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a person under 18. The parents allegedly kept their children in a hope covered in rat dropping and drug paraphernalia.

The children- two girls ages 2 and 4 and a boy, age 6- were removed from the home last November and placed in protective custody. Upon further investigation, the six year old revealed that his parents often injected he and his siblings with ‘feel good medicine.’

According to the affidavit:

“He described the ‘feel good medicine’ as a white powder mixed with water. His parents then used a needle to inject the ‘feel good medicine’ into him and his sisters.”

Any situation in which a child is exposed to substance abuse is difficult, but this particular case is deeply disturbing. While we know addiction impacts the way we think and behave, it’s hard to understand purposefully injecting heroin into such young children. Both parents involved have been arraigned and face $100,000 bail each.

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Further investigation into the home and living conditions of these children found that multiple others likely lived in the home and were all using heroin. Child Protective Services found bruising from injection sites on the two year old at the time of their removal from the home. Two months later, a follicle test on youngest child tested positive for heroin. The four year old girl also had heroin in her system, but it was not enough to cause a positive test result; her brother tested negative as well.

Ashlee Hutt’s trial begins December 20th and McIver will go to trial on February 16th. We can only hope they are allowed the rehabilitative services necessary to overcome their heroin abuse disorders and perhaps redeem themselves after this incomprehensible crime.

What do you think? Should Hutt and McIver be allowed contact with their children following sentencing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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