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Neuroenhancement Drugs Like Adderall Endanger Teens

It’s no secret adderall has been long abused as a means to increase concentration, productivity, and improve performance at work and school. According to the Sun Sentinel, a Floridian newspaper, adderall abuse is becoming more common among high school students anxious to do well in their academic pursuits. High stress stress tests like the SAT and ACT are only two culprits influencing teens to take neuroenhancement drugs, or “study drugs.” Adderall, prescribed to patients with ADHD, causes acute anxiety, paranoia, stomach pain, and insomnia when abused by those without the need of a prescription.

Adderall abuse among young adults increases from high school to college. According to the Sun Sentinel, a study conducted in 2014 by the Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York reported 59 percent of doctors suspected their child patients were sharing their adderall prescription with friends or acquaintances. 54 percent reported they believed their young patients were faking symptoms of ADHD in order to get their hands on adderall for neurological enhancement. Teens don’t believe changing minor habits in their lives will increase their productivity as much as abusing stimulant drugs. Although studies show decreasing anxiety is key to improving academic performance, and may be achieved by simply getting enough sleep and avoiding caffeine laden substances (like coffee and soda).

It’s important parents speak to their teens about abusing prescription medications of any kind; drugs take back all they give, and then some. What may appear to be a “study drug” will eventually lead to full blown addiction. Those who do not seek drug addiction treatment, or redress substance abuse in its early stages will suffer from the long term disease of addiction from childhood into adulthood.


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