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Learn How Natural Remedies for Addiction Can Help You

  • Learn How Natural Remedies for Addiction Can Help You

    Learn How Natural Remedies for Addiction Can Help You

    Learn How Natural Remedies for Addiction Can Help You imageFollowing the release of Holistic Healing for Addiction, I started digging deeper into the physical aspect of addiction treatment using alternative medicine. The previous book focuses on the mind, body, and spirit connection. Natural Remedies for Addiction will tackle replacing prescription medications with unadulterated nature’s remedies. Many argue medications are natural because they are derived from plants.

    Modern medications are not derived directly from plants, but are synthesized in labs to mirror the physical compounds of medicinal herbs. However chemically pure our synthetic concoctions are, they lack the inherent vibrations of the plants they are “derived” from. Our bodies are electric, and are directly influenced by the vibrations of anything we consume, or are surrounded by. Keeping the purity of medicinal herbs by using plants in their raw state is critical to benefit from nature’s tonics.

    I want to help you unlock the secrets of nature as they relate to coping with the aftermath of addiction, and staying on the path to sobriety. Balancing our emotional state of self with physical wellness is necessary for full recovery; Natural Remedies will cover emotional health extensively in addition to physical well being. Roughly the text will cover:Learn How Natural Remedies for Addiction Can Help You image

    • Medicinal herbs for physical wellness
    • Essential oils for recovery
    • Teas, tinctures, and infusions
    • Reiki healing
    • Mindful thinking
    • Alternatives for prescription medications
    • Making a medicinal stock for everyday use
    • The herbal medicine cabinet
    • Growing your own herbs
    • Why organic herbs are important for healing
    • Where to get the best herbs
    • Creating environments of healing

    Learn How Natural Remedies for Addiction Can Help You imageNatural Remedies will arm you with information on how to care for yourself and loved ones through the brambles of addiction while in rehab and in your journey to sober living. Throughout the text I will introduce herbal remedies specifically formulated to cut cravings, improve your chances of sobriety, and uplift your emotional help.

    I am in the active stage of researching and composing herbal remedies and formulations for the text. If you would like to contribute your own experiences with holistic or herbal healing for addiction please email me directly at JPulverAdell@HarborVillageFlorida.com!


    Have any go-to natural remedies you want to share?

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