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Lamar Odom’s Health Shaky, Owner of Brothel Speaks on Wendy Williams Show

By now everyone has heard the unfortunate news of basketball player and reality TV star, Lamar Odom. We covered his unfortunate overdose at the Love Ranch in Las Vegas earlier this week but new information is coming to light each day as he continues to fight for his life.

Wendy Williams, noted TV personality and talk show host, reported a few updates to Odom’s condition on the “Hot Topics” segment of her show on October 15. Williams reported that Lamar allegedly took up to ten of the “herbal viagra” supplements despite the proper dosage limit of one per day. Cocaine has also been detected in his system.

“Lamar Odom at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival” by David Shankbone. Licensed under CC by 3.0.

Unfortunately Lamar has a public history of struggles with substance abuse including an arrest, at least one aborted attempt at rehab, and the dissolving state of his marriage. That history goes beyond what we’ve seen in the tabloids and gossip columns, however- Lamar’s father has struggled with heroin abuse throughout Lamar’s life.

Early life for Lamar Odom was rough; not only was his father in and out of his life due to his own substance abuse, he lost his mother at just 12 years old and was raised by his grandmother. Rumors state that his heavy drug use began after his grandmother also passed ten years ago.

At the moment Lamar is surrounded by his loved ones, which includes his two teenaged sons and various members of the Kardashian family including Khloe.

Allegedly his overdose is directly tied to the reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, specifically the episode which aired on Sunday, October 11th. During the episode the family addresses the passing of two of Lamar’s close friends. Reportedly Odom became upset because he believed the episode portrayed him negatively.

The Kardashians have received massive amounts of criticism in the past regarding the catalysts of Odom’s drug use, but, in a rare move, Wendy stepped in to defend the reality TV family.

“I do agree reality TV ruins lives, you know, on one hand, but on the other hand- coming from a place of addiction…I can tell you nobody puts coke to your nose but you. If you know anything about addiction then you know there’s only one person that can help the person addicted and that is the person doing the drugs.”

“American Reality Television Star Khloe Kardashian Odom in Sydney” by Eva Rinaldi. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

Williams is a former cocaine abuser herself and has been open about her experiences when discussing drug abuse among the Hollywood elite. She also announced on the first episode of her new season that her son also experienced a brush with addiction. However, on this segment she interviewed the Love Ranch owner, Dennis Hof for his view on the unfortunate incident.

“Celebrities come to me for privacy and discretion, then all of a sudden we have a terrible, terrible incident. We’re all very sad,” Hof said when asked how he was handling the situation.

Hof also stated he told Lamar he did not want drugs brought onto the ranch’s property due to Odom’s past history of abuse. He stated that when Odom arrived via the car service Love Ranch provided, the basketball player promised he did not have any drugs on him but did admit to using the day prior. Lamar reportedly intended to stay for a minimum of five days in the company of two of the Ranch girls- stage named Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe- at a total cost of $75,000.

“He was a great guy, great mood, having a lot of fun partying with the girls, drinking his cognac. We didn’t see any signs of any drugs at all.” Hof said.

“Phil Jackson Coaching LAL” by Bridget Samuels. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

When Wendy asked about the “herbal Viagra” found in Lamar’s system, Hof explained it as a herbal supplement which boosts energy and is sold commonly in gas stations and convenience stores. “It’s like doing multiple energy drinks at one time,” he stated, which certainly doesn’t sound safe or healthy.

Reports state that Odom was alone at the time of his collapse and discovered by the two girls who notified management and quickly called 911. Lamar Odom’s belongings and room were searched for drugs and paraphernalia by first responders for a clue as to the cause of his condition but, according to Hof, nothing was found. The star was rushed to a nearby hospital where they attempted to airlift him to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas but could not due to his height. He was transported via ambulance and remains there in critical condition.

Wendy, Dennis, and fans of Lamar Odom across the country are praying for his survival and recovery.

“Lamar is smart enough, if he gets through this, to pull himself out,” Williams said during the segment, “To me, if you’re smart enough and focused enough to pull yourself from the ashes of public housing, and get hundreds of millions of dollars playing basketball, then you’re smart enough to just say no.”

Here at Harbor Village we hope for Lamar’s speedy recovery and victory in the battle against substance abuse.

Image: “Dennis Hof, Heidi Fleiss, and Ron Jeremy at the Adult Video Network Convention 2006” by Daniel Dacumos. Licensed under CC by 2.0. 

Do you think this experience will serve as a catalyst toward sobriety for Lamar Odom? Let us know below!

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