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Lamar Odom Still Partying, Close Friend Kobe Bryant to Step In?

We’ve been following Lamar Odom since his nearly fatal overdose in October of last year. If you’ve been keeping up, you know that he suffered quite a few health setbacks, including suffering multiple strokes, damage to his heart, liver, and kidneys, as well as other setbacks. While Lamar has definitely come a long way in his recovery, his closest friends and family members are growing steadily more concerned that he is headed for disaster.

Just a few weeks ago Lamar was spotted at a bar in the early morning hours of Easter Sunday, only to pop up later at a church service with his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian. His apparent refusal to seek professional help despite nearly losing his life is distressing to the people in his personal life, as well as the fans who are continually rooting for him.

Reports are surfacing that Khloe is becoming so discouraged by Odom’s behavior that she is finally prepared to go forward with their divorce- though Odom doesn’t seem to think they’re over just yet.

During his first interview since being hospitalized, Lamar Odom touched briefly on his health, but decided to keep the focus on another important person in his life: his close friend and former colleague, Kobe Bryant.


Kobe retired from professional basketball after his final game on April 13th, and Odom was at court-side to watch the historic sports moment. Afterward, cameras caught up to him to ask him about his recovery, the state of his marriage, and his plans for the future. He revealed that he plans to return to the NBA and is working steadily toward that goal, though the potential for relapse would certainly derail such a mission.

However, Odom has a new ally in his bid to remain sober and get back into the game: Kobe himself.

In an interview following his game, Bryant told reporters he would commit some of his new free time to helping Odom through his recovery. The Laker’s star player has been concerned about Odom since the night of his near fatal overdose; he was among the first to rush to his bedside at Mount Sinai. Bryant vowed that he and his wife, Vanessa, would remain by his side. Hopefully the brotherhood they’ve formed is enough to help him stay on track.

Featured Image: “Kobe Bryant 2014” by Keith Allison. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

Do you think Kobe Bryant’s support will help keep Lamar Odom on track with his recovery? Comment what you think below!

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