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Is Miley Cyrus Addicted to Xanax?

Miley Cyrus by Eva Rinaldi licensed under CC by 2.0

Say it isn’t so Miley! According to alleged speculation from Wetpaint Miley Cyrus may be addicted to depressant drugs, and more specifically, Xanax. The prescription medication is typically prescribed to treat anxiety disorders; when abused, the substances unhinges one’s inhibitions and makes them more prone to participating in questionable behaviors- similar to being under the effect of alcohol. Supposedly, Miley’s recent weight loss alarmed her friends who started asking questions about the drop. To allay suspicions, Miley attributed the weight deficit to her exciting  new vegan diet- but her loved ones aren’t so sure that’s the only reason why.

A source who is not named by Wetpaint is quoted saying, “We realized the whole vegan story is just a cover. What’s really going on is that Miley has a new friend: downers.”

Coupled with tales of Miley using Xanax in combination with alcohol, molly, and marijuana, the pop star may be on a dangerous road to addiction. But, it wouldn’t be the first time rumors of Miley’s drug use proved to be over exaggerated, or even untrue. Earlier this year the media flared up in response to Miley Cyrus’ social media pictures brimming with drug paraphernalia- and then quickly died down- of course to only aggravate itself again when Miley opened her home to homeless men, who were alleged to be drug addicts.

It seems like whatever Miley does in relation to addictive substances will always be blown out of proportion. The truth likely flits in the middle. In the event Xanax is indeed used in conjunction with other substances, the combination causes irregular heartbeat. According to Wetpaint, Miley already has a condition which induces rapid heartbeat. This is pure speculation, but it’s typically other conditions and mental states which induce one to experiment and self medicate with addictive substances. If left untreated, Miley’s tachycardia could be causing the symptoms she is trying to treat with Xanax.

I don’t know about you, but when my heart beats fast, I feel anxious. And Xanax treats? Anxiety!

Maybe we cracked the code.

What say you of Miley’s drug episodes? Fact or Fiction?

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